Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whose Curves Do you Identify With?

All photos were taken from celebrities official websites

There has been a lot of talk about what it means to be curvy. Is curvy just a nice way to say someone is fat or out of shape? Do you use the word curvy when someone has a full figure or hourglass shape? What does curvy mean to you? Do you exclude skinny people from being considered curvy?

When I think of curvy, I think of a shapely body, whether a body is a size 2 or 24. A curvy body can be round and soft but it still has some type of structure and definition to it. I like to think of curvy as Voluptious.

Which curvy celebrity above do you identify with?

Are you like Sherri, all top and no bottom?

Are you like Beyonce, shaped like a pear?

Do you have Tyra's hourglass figure?

Are you like Jennifer and Latifah, full figured?

Are you like Kim, petite and thick in all the right places or like Chandra petite and full figured?
Or are you like the Queen of Comedy Monique?

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Anonymous said...

Is curvy just a nice way to say someone is fat or out of shape? No, FAT is being out of shape and giggly. Boy have I seen to many Fat people, that need to workout so they can have curves! Do you use the word curvy when someone has a full figure or hourglass shape? I think curvy is more hourglass shape to me. What does curvy mean to you? Curvy means, tight sexy you have something on top and on the bottom. Do you exclude skinny people from being considered curvy? Well... What is Skinny, No Bust and No booty yes they are excluded. To be curvy your body has to have somewhat of an S-Shape.

Savonne said...

Wow, what a strong view. I wrote this post today because it seems like we as a society have moved on from the world plus size to curvy. It seems that every cutie with a bootie is being considered curvy.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a difference between curvy and plus size.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there doesn't have to be a difference. You can be a plus sized 16 with a flat stomach and an hourglass shape. I think when people hear "plus size" they associate it with sloppy, when in fact, it is often the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

First of all, our country is an obese/overweight country. Yes! We are fat. We act like we are afraid to admit it! We give so many terms to describe how a man/woman/child/teen's body is. Let's just face it! There are too many people suffering from the effects of being fat. I am a teacher at an elementary school and I can't tell you how many children in our schools are fat and suffer with asthma, high blood pressure, etc. They are on medication. This is insane!

Women are larger than ever! As a result, we and the media have given each other excuses to be large because we are LAZY! We want things instantly and as a result, we continue to eat like pigs, drink, do drugs, and not move an inch! More young men have been turned away from joining the military because they were overweight (not even obese)!

I know my comment it large, but I get sick listening to women describe each others bodies like we are objects. We damn ourselves! Forget about men! What the hell is curvy? And naming our bodies after fruits? And calling our breasts racks? Look, curvy was a term to describe an overweight woman because being called "fat" was an insult.

No shit that our bodies may look like it has an "S" curve to it, our hips are wider than men. But a flat chested or B cup breasted skinny girl with 32/34" hips is not how the media defines curves. SO be real!

Skinny women are not curvy! Fat women still have low self-esteem and this is their way of thinking their better than skinny girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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