Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Another popular trend for Fall is sequin dresses. Curvy celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Beyonce have been seen in this Nicole Miller sequin dress that retails for about $475.

To recreate this look, check out They have a dress with similar details as the Nicole Miller dress. The Apple Bottoms sequin dress nips in at the waist and is straight on the hips. Many Fashionistas would telly curvy girls to avoid anything that is straight on full hips. I disagree with that, because I think full hips look sexy in straight dresses. Especially when they nip in at the waist. It gives a curvy girl that Jessica Rabbit effect. A dress like this is meant to show off your curves, so, you must take on a diva like attitude to pull this off. 

The great thing about Apple Bottoms is that they have the same clothes in women sizes and plus sizes.

Nicole Miller $475, Apple Bottoms, $44.98, sizes S-L, 1X-3X

If you are self conscious about your arms you may want to go for this sequin dress from Apple Bottoms, $39.98 sizes S-L, 1X-3X

Apple Bottoms, who knew?


Teisha said...

I personally don't even find Ms. Nicole Miller's dress to be that nice, but I actually do very much so like Apple Bottoms version (surprisingly enough). Just goes to show that the big names don't always necessarily have the best look.

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