Friday, July 31, 2009

Since it is summertime, we have been bombarded with diets and lose weight quick schemes. You've seen the infomercials, "Take this magic pill and lose weight in a week." Then at the bottom of the screen you see all the side effects you may have to go through just to lose weight in a week. The side affect that makes me laugh the most is the one that says may cause anal leakage. What! So, that means at any given time, I could be doing something and a little liquid is going to moisten my pants. I'll pass on that!

Today, I want everyone to take a break from working yourselves crazy with trying to get into a swimsuit, or a pair of jeans. Just for a minute, let's all just think about what our favorite body parts are and let's show them off this weekend. No matter how big or small we get, as women, we all can agree that there is one body part that we think is our best asset. What's funny is, that body part seems to remain in its best condition whether we gain or lose weight.

Right now, my favorite body part is my hips. They used to be my least favorite, but, now I can really appreciate them and I have been showing them off all summer in pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

Tell me, what's yours?

Check out these celebrities who have famous body parts and love showing them off.

Toccara Jones is known for her ample bosom

Of Course, J.lo is known for having junk in her trunk

Tina, need I say more?

Angela, oh how I wish I had guns like hers

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Fashionation Of The Day

Don't be afraid of Plaid. Plaid is your friend. Check out these affordable plaid styles

Buffalo Dress, $59, sizes 3-13

Donna Ricco,$168, 14W-16W

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All photos were taken from celebrities official websites

There has been a lot of talk about what it means to be curvy. Is curvy just a nice way to say someone is fat or out of shape? Do you use the word curvy when someone has a full figure or hourglass shape? What does curvy mean to you? Do you exclude skinny people from being considered curvy?

When I think of curvy, I think of a shapely body, whether a body is a size 2 or 24. A curvy body can be round and soft but it still has some type of structure and definition to it. I like to think of curvy as Voluptious.

Which curvy celebrity above do you identify with?

Are you like Sherri, all top and no bottom?

Are you like Beyonce, shaped like a pear?

Do you have Tyra's hourglass figure?

Are you like Jennifer and Latifah, full figured?

Are you like Kim, petite and thick in all the right places or like Chandra petite and full figured?
Or are you like the Queen of Comedy Monique?

According to
Clothing maker Jones Apparel Group Inc. said Wednesday second-quarter profit rose 20 percent as the company cut costs and closed stores in a turnaround plan to offset lower revenue.
Second-quarter profit rose 20 percent to $12.6 million, or 15 cents per share, from $10.5 million, or 12 cents per share, last year. Adjusted to exclude a provision for income taxes, loss and costs related to repurchasing notes, a write-off of line of credit fees, severance and other charges, net income was 29 cents per share.

The New York-based company, whose brands include Nine West, Jones New York, Anne Klein and others, said that revenue rose fell 3.1 percent to $803.9 million from $829.4 million last year.
Excerpt taken from

Dresses Under $150

New York & Company's Dress Boutique
NY&C has been advertising their new dress boutique which offers more fun modern styles.
$59.95,Sizes XS-XL $69.95, Sizes 2-18

Check out for the more sophisticated/work dress styles that show off your curves

Both Dresses $126, sizes 10-32

If you are looking for a hot summer shoe to take you into fall check out this gladiator style from Lamb. sizes 5.5-10, $345

If you are looking for a more affordable style, check out these from Nine West, $150

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Picture taken from website

As women we all know that there are some days that we feel out of shape and feel like we need to drop 20 pounds with the hope that ten of them will miraculously fall from our waist, thighs, hips, butts, and whatever else we think is jiggling just a little too much. Although I am a curvy woman, I still like to keep certain body parts in line. Sometimes that means working out with weights and most of the time that means breakout the Spanx or Girdle.

If you are looking for a way to look pounds thinner in as little as one minute then check out featured in the new Life & Style magazine. ShapeFx is the only brand that offers fashion-forward designs with body-enhancing benefits built right in. Its like a girdle already built in your clothes.

The best thing is they include sizes starting from 2-26W, which also includes petite plus sizes.

They break down their size chart by shape. They offer apparel for women who are shaped like a a pear or hour glass to full figured and top heavy frames. They even have built in shaping underwear inside their pants. Check out this black and white color block dress. It is on sale now from $44-$49.


Isaac Mizrahi on QVC

According to the Wall Street, In December Isaac Mizrahi will have his own show on QVC. Well, not a complete talk show, but, he will be part of QVC's new program called Isaac Mizrahi Live. Cameras will follow Isaac around as he sells us anything from home furnishings to handbags. Go to for more on the story.

Coach Profits Fall

According to
Coach Inc., the largest U.S. maker of luxury leather handbags, said fourth-quarter profit fell as revenue retreated in the recession.
Net income declined to $145.8 million, or 45 cents a share, in the three months ended June 27, from $213.5 million, or 62 cents, a year earlier, the New York-based company said in a statement. Revenue declined 0.5 percent to $777.7 million, missing analysts’ estimates.
For more on the story go to


Extra 40%-75% off online only

Lord & Taylor
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Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic
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Fashionation of The Day

Harem Pants

You've seen everyone from Jennifer Hudson to Ciara rocking the harem pants. I kind of like them, but don't they take you back to the early 90's when M.C. Hammer was King of dance music. This is one trend that I am scared of how my curves will look in them. Please Hammer don't hurt' em.

Tell me are you Fashionated with them or do you think they should get back in their time machine?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

According to, Baby Phat will possibly fold due to Kellwood manufacturing company filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kellwood is a clothing manufacturing company that represents brands such as Fabulosity, Phat Farm and many other big name clothing lines. Kellwood is in debt for $140M. Just last week there were reports that Jennifer Lopez would not be selling her J.Lo line in the US and that she would be closing down her Sweet Face line. Almost a year ago Eve announced the relaunch of her Fetish line, but, I did not think the clothes looked any better.

We all know that chain stores are filing for bankruptcy left and right and designers are backing out of fashion week shows. Are the so called urban chic brands joining the club? Well, I for one, wouldn't miss any of the urban brands if they were to close down. I know, I know, you love the big Baby Phat cat logo, J.Lo's jeans fits your pear shape, but, did these female urban brands really capture the essence of the urban community?

These brands are sold in the local urban neighborhood stores such as Jimmy Jazz, Dr. J's, Hyperactive, and S&D's. The funny thing is that you will not find these brands on Madison Ave. or Rodeo Drive. The only urban designer I know that made it to the upper class area is Sean John, whom I think did a great job diversifying his designs to fit various age groups. His designs are sleek and not flashy and they can transfer from day to night. How come the female brands don't do that? What's up with all the polyester fabrics, slouchy and glittery tops, cropped jackets, and most of all, over powering logos that take away from the design of the clothes.

Yes, I know the brands target teenagers to young adults, but, at some point can these brands stop young girls from looking like they are going to a club at 12 in the afternoon and most of all can they stop the urban community from being walking billboards with logos on everything?Don't get me wrong, I am all for entrepreneurship and I understand each brand is selling a lifestyle.
However, I think with any clothing line there should be a balance. A balance that includes going out clothes, weekend attire, and work wear. To me that is part of building your brand and this represents the lifestyle of urban communities. You see Sean John now has suits in his collection. Even Gwen Stefani's clothing line Lamb is doing well and offers an array of pieces to fit your lifestyle.

I don't think Baby Phat will fold, I do have to say that the designs get better each year. The Fall 2009 collection has a couple of pieces that can translate from work to evening. J. Lo's Sweet Face line was actually much more creative and chic then the regular J.Lo line. As for Fetish, I'm still hoping for the best.

Check out some of the 2009 Baby Phat fall designs

Monday, July 20, 2009

I don't know about you, but I really like the rompers and jumpsuits that are coming back. It reminds me of my favorite era, the 70's. Remember when J.Lo made the jean jumpsuit popular back in the early 2000's, when she had just started her singing career. She had every girl around the way rocking the jean jumpsuit with heels.

If you are going to try this look please do it right. The romper can look a bit childish and inappropriate if you are over a certain age (TBD). The romper is sassy and edgy and it is a great look for day or night. The jumpsuit is sexy and feminine. It makes me want to cut off my hair rock an Afro, and change my name to Sheba as in the Queen of Sheba.

The romper shows off one of the great assets a woman has, and that is legs. However, I know that some women do not like their legs, which is why the jumpsuit is a great option because it highlights the decolletage which is something that I rarely hear woman complain about.

If you decide on purchasing a romper, please make sure it is the right cut for your body.

If you have small petite curves or a true hourglass figure then I suggest a tube style romper. It will help emphasize your chest while highlighting your waist and ample booty.

I like this one from Urban Outfitters. It's $48. Sizes XS-L

If you have fuller curves and an undefined waist, then I suggest a halter style romper. The one below is from Torrid. Its only $58. Sizes 10-28. The v-neck halter defines the breast and the belt will help create a waistline.

For those of you who may not like your legs due to cellulite or lack of tone and definition, then the jumpsuit is perfect.

Try this one from Baby Phat. Its nice and simple and the bootcut leg is flattering to thighs. Best of all there is no big cat symbol on the butt. Accessorize to make it your own. Try a big bold belt with a colored clutch. Or go casual chic with gladiator flat sandals and a straw bag.

$74, 1x-3x

For small petite curves, this Forever 21 jumpsuit is sexy and casual for daytime. I see big gold hoops with this.

$27.80, sizes S-L

If you are looking for something a little more sexier and trendy, then , go for the Dereon (picture below) jumpsuit with a one shoulder sleeve and skinny leg opening.

$99, sizes 1x-3x

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm quite sure by now you all have seen Khloe Kardashians new slim figure on the cover of Life & Style magazine. If you are a fan of the Kardashians like I am, then, you have seen Khloe struggle with her weight on their hit reality show. You also know that she was tired of being compared to her smaller petite sisters.

In the Life & Style article, Khloe states that she was tired of being the "Fat funny one." She now loves her new slender body and feels that she can now dress, "Trendier and younger." Khloe is now a size six and she is looking to lose an additional 10-20 pounds. Now, don't get me wrong, she looks great and I'm happy that she can now feel comfortable with her body. However, in my opinion, she was never this large fat girl that she and the media made her out to be. Her biggest size was a size 10 (WTF!). You and I both know a size 10 is still considered small.

What makes me so frustrated by these comments is the fact that she feels she can dress trendier and younger as a size six, as if she could not do it at a size 10. What message is this sending to our young girls who are size 10's and up. Don't get me wrong. I am all for a healthy body and life style, but to think that being smaller is equivalent to looking younger is a bunch of nonsense. I've seen plenty of old looking size 2's. What I do understand is that weight and body acceptance is a personal issue and you cannot make anyone love their body. They have to do it on their own.

My issue with weight loss is once you start losing weight and your clothes start fitting looser, you become extremely happy and motivated, but once you've met your goal you become relaxed and when the pounds start creeping back up you go into panic mode and start beating yourself up. Your self esteem is down and you begin to think that you only look good when you're smaller.

A few years ago I had this issue. I had just graduated from college and I had packed on quite a few pounds. I did not want to go anywhere. I tried to cover up myself as much as possible. I joined a weight loss club and lost over 30 pounds. Once that happened. I was all jolly again. I had a new lease on life. I wanted to go everywhere and be seen. Then about two years after that. I started getting comfortable and the pounds started creeping up. When that happened I vowed to myself that I would never go back into a shell.

So, as the weight was coming back, I adjusted my wardrobe to fit the body I had now. I would look in the mirror and say, "Yeah, butt, you are getting a little bigger, so, let me go find a pair of jeans to make you look good." I would also say, "Okay, I'm feeling a little chunky monkey today, but, tonight I'm going to go out and strut my stuff instead of sitting in the house feeling sad." These comments made me feel a little better each day and it made me make little dietary changes until I got my body back to where I was comfortable.

I think it is very important to embrace the body you have NOW. Don't wait until you lose weight to love or embrace your body. Don't wait until you lose weight to dress trendier or younger. Don't wait until you lose weight to go out with your friends and have a good time. You only have one body and it is going to take you through many ups and downs. You should make every effort possible to make yourself feel good about yourself. Do I wish my hips were smaller? Hell yeah! But when they are bigger I love how they fill out my skinny jeans, it makes me feel sexier. When I lose a few pounds and my hips are smaller I love how I can squeeze through a small space with out them knocking something down.

My life does not end because I am bigger and it does not begin because I am smaller.
So today, I say to you, Embrace, Embrace, Embrace! Embrace your body whether you have a big butt, gut, legs, thighs, hips, feet, or breast.

Turn those negative views into positive views. It's all about maintaining a healthy positive mind when it comes to what you think about yourself. Negative thoughts will just tear your spirit down. Tell your body thank you for carrying me through this far.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

By: Alissa Wilson

Are you one of those people who is afraid to wear all white? Do you believe in that old saying that white makes you look bigger? Well, I'm here to tell you that you have been lied to. White is your friend. Say it with me, "white is my friend." There are countless women who shy away from wearing all white out of fear. They fear that they are going to look shapeless or round and floaty like a cloud.

As with any article of clothing looking good in all white is about fit and shape. Take Queen Latifah for example. Her white top is slightly fitted and skims the shape of her upper body. The one arm out takes the outfit from looking like a blur of white to daytime sexy. Since she doesn't have wide hips the shirt hits a few inches above her hip bone which makes her look long and lean. Now her pants are just a smidget tight but the overall look works.

If you are going to wear white pants and the curviest part of your body is your lower half I suggest straight leg or trouser white pants and your top should hit right at the top of your hip or in the middle of the hip which cuts the hip in half and gives the outfit a nice balance. this will also camouflage a big butt, but if there is no shame in your game and you want to accentuate your hips and butt in white. You may want to go for a skinny white jean and sky high heels. A tunic will balance out the lower half.

Tripp white skinny jeans, $48,12-26

If you are busty your white tops should also be fitted to skim the shape of your upper body. V-necks, and scoop necks look great on large breasts.

V-neck ruffle sweater, The Limited, $44, XS-XL

If you have thick thighs. I would do bootcut or wide leg jeans or pants in white. I think boot cut skims the shape of the leg and the slightly flare opening at the bottom offers balance to thighs and hips.
Alfani Wide Leg pants, $69, 2-14

Svboda Jeans, $138, 10-28

If you have a round stomach, a white top with a tie waist will give the illusion of a defined waist, plus its a break from the empire waist tops, that sometimes make you look pregnant. I also like tops with a bit of ruching to help take away some of the roundness in a stomach. It slims the obliques.

DKNYC, $59.50,XS-XL
Ralph Lauren, $59.50, S-XL

If you're still not comfortable. Go all white in a dress.

Monif C. convertible Dress, $195, One size fits all

Ann Taylor Loft, $69, 2-18

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

By: Alissa Wilson

While the financial markets are beginning to stabilize many people are investing again, but, they aren't putting all their eggs in one basket this time around. If you are an avid watcher of the Suze Orman show like me, you know that she always says you want to diversify your portfolio. Spread your money around because if the markets go south again all of your money won't go with it.

I think the phrase "Diversify Your Portfolio" should also apply to your wardrobe and the places you shop to create it. When it comes to fashion I try not to be frivolous with my hard earned cash, bread, butter, cheddar, guap (so many terms for the word money). So, its easy for me to stick with what I know, but sometimes, branching out can take your wardrobe from cute to winding up lending out all your clothes because your friends are envious of your style.

I understand we all have our favorite stores because we know how well their cuts fit or the various cute styles they offer. I am a frequent shopper at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft. These stores used to make up about 75% Of my wardrobe. As curvaceous women I don't think we realize how many stores and websites that cater to our curves, whether your curvy as a size 2 or 24. For example so many plus size women limit themselves to Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart. Now, don't get me wrong, they have nice clothes, but, you put yourself in the position of seeing every Jane and Polly with the same outfit as you due to those stores being easy access for the plus size woman not having to buy clothes online.

I remember a few years back when I was working a part time job, a girl used to comment on how much she liked my clothes. So one day she finally asked, "Where do you get your clothes from?" and when I told her, she said, "Oh, I didn't know they made clothes for us. By us, she meant the term I hate most, "Big Girls." (I'm gagging as I write it) She said she mainly shops at Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and Ashley Stewart, mind you she was about a size 14. So she was missing out on other affordable designers and clothing stores.

Ladies fashion has expanded over the years and there are a bunch of great stores that carry an array of sizes that people overlook. Below is a list I conjured up for all my curvy girls whether you have large butts, thighs, hips, or breasts from sizes 2 and up, enjoy!

If you know of other stores please share so we all can start investing in some cool new pieces for our wardrobe.

If you live in NYC and you need a break from Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart try

Lee Lee's Valise its a boutique for sizes 10-28. She carries alot of up coming designer brands and the prices range from moderate to slightly expensive. If you don't live in NYC go to and order online.

Tory Burch
Carries sizes, 0-14, S-XL

Carries sizes 0-16, XXS-XL
My Verdict:Cuts are for smaller curves, but, the tops are a true fit.

Banana Republic
Carries sizes 0-16, XS-XL, Petite and Tall
My Verdict: Generous cuts in tops and true to size in pants. Jackson fit best for a big butt and hips. Martin fit is best for round stomachs and small hips and butts.

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft

Carries sizes, 2-18, XS-XXL, Petite and Long
My Verdict: All cuts in tops and pants run true to size. The Julie fit in pants great for larger lower halves and the Ann cut in pants are great for medium size hips and butts.

Juicy Couture
carry sizes XS-XL, 0-14
Offers Plus Size sweatsuits at

My Verdict: You may need to go one size up just to be on the safe side.

Carries sizes 12-28

My Verdict: Since Torrid carries other brands the cuts vary, but the Torrid brand itself is a little more roomy, you will probably have to go one size down.

Monif C.

Carry sizes 14-24


Carry sizes 12-32


Carry sizes 10-32
My Verdict: Definitely cut for fuller bodies. May have to go a size down if you are on the smaller spectrum of being plus size

Also if you don't know by now. Forever 21 carries a plus size line called Faith 21 in selected stores and online. Go to and click on the tab that says Faith 21.
My Verdict: Definitely cut for smaller curves. May need to go up a sizes in pants or dresses.

Check back tomorrow for part two of diversify your shopping portfolio.


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