Monday, November 30, 2009

One of my favorite curvy girls, Queen Latifah  always spices up her style. I love when a woman looks fabulous in a dress and a pair of heels, but, I also love when a woman can look just as fabulous in jeans and sneakers.  Last week Queen Latifah got it right both ways. Check her out in a fitted sheath dress and then check her out in a sequin jacket, skinny jeans, and sneakers.
Get the look

Bebe at ShopStyle

Get the look

Sequin Blazer:, $80, Dickies Skinny Pants:, $48, Sneakers: Fila @

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Lady Michelle Obama looked stunning in a beautiful gold dress designed by Naeem Khan for the White House State Dinner.

The gold in the dress compliments Michelle's brown complexion. Stacked bracelets gives the dress that Michelle touch and the updo is soft and sophisticated. She looks beautiful.

The madly inlove pair always looks good together

First Lady Michelle Obama looking like the shining star she is

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it me or are all of our curvy celebrities losing weight? Tyra, Mo'Nique, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, America Ferrara, Jordin Sparks, and Toccara all have dropped a significant amount of weight. Their common reason for their weightloss is to be healthy.

Whenever a celebrity loses weight, it seems as if their career sky rockets. So, I have to ask myself are they losing weight to truly be healthy or to boost their careers. Many of these women who have lost weight already have successful thriving careers. Queen Latifah has a movie and beauty empire. Tyra has a media empire, Mo'Nique is a queen of comedy, and Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar and a Grammy award. Since Mo'Nique has lost a few pounds she has gained a talk show. I'm quite sure this could have already been in the works before she decided to lose weight, but, I can't help but wonder was the talk show a factor in her decision to lose weight, besides her handsome hubby telling her he wants her for a lifetime?

What I do find odd about these curvacious celebrities losing weight is that each one of them gained their claim to fame by being proud of their large curves and the majority of them have trimmed down those large curves significantly.  Are these weighlosses sincerely for health reasons or were these celebrities truly unhappy with their bodies? Will they lose some of their die hard fans who looked up to them because they could relate to them physically?

I also noticed that as the weight comes off they seem to dress a little better, which I am quite sure is due to the variety of designers that are now available to them. My biggest question is how long will they stay this way? Maintaining weight for many people is a real struggle. You have to live a completely different lifestyle. Will these celebrities maintain or are these weightlosses just for the moment?

Jordin Sparks, after winning idol has trimmed down

Toccara Jones, after celebrity fit club has trimmed down

Mo'Nique, now rocking a trimmer shape to be healthy

Queen Latifah, Lost 20lbs after Jenny Craig to get healthy

Tyra Banks, back to model size. She wanted to be fit

Are you inspired by these celebrities to lose a few pounds yourself ?

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I know my curvy girls are going to need some great outfits to wear. Since Thanksgiving is also family time, we all know what that means. There is always that one relative you have not seen in a long time making you aware of how much weight you gained since the last time they saw you. As if you needed them to remind you. Nevertheless, it still does not deter you away from moms sweet potato pie or another helping of macaroni and cheese.

When this time comes around I always wear neutral colors with a  bright shoe or coat. I try to pick comfortable pieces so that way buttons are not popping after my 2nd helping of mac and cheese. I also choose pieces that are not over the top or too simple because you do want to wow your family members (especially the ones you have not seen in awhile) but, you also don't want them talking about how you were all dressed up for no reason.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, check out my choices below
(Like what you see, just click on the item):

Missy Curves

GUESS at ShopStyle
An empire waist top that floats over your stomach is a great option to hide that bulge that develops after you have eaten. Go for an empire waist top that has embellishment at the waist or a belt  because it will help to create a waist while a low neck and draped sleeves gives off a suttle sexy goddess like look. Pairing a flowy top with skinny jeans will make your legs look miles long which will give you a slimmer look. A bright coat will have all eyes on you as soon as you walk in the door.

Plus Size Curves

Apple Bottoms at ShopStyle
I love to wear dresses on Thanksgiving, especially with leggings. I am free to move around and be relaxed without feeling confined. Which is why this jean dress is such a good choice. It's freeing and flowing. A great pair of bold earrings and a wide belt will spice up a simple dress. Matching your belt to your shoes is a nice way to pull your look together.

These options will have your family giving you compliments all day instead of giving you tips on how to keep your weight down.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This season fashion is about rock & roll and glamour. Sequins are everywhere, black is everywhere. If you are a night owl these trends are what you are looking for. A metallic top, sequin leggings, or lace bustier are both sexy and edgy.

Go on and try these looks and all the boys will be coming to your yard for a little milkshake :).

For a night out with the girls
Top & Pants: Forever21, sizesXL-2X, Necklace,

For a date night with the guy you've been eyeing
All pieces from Torrid

For bar and club hopping
Top: Faith21, Sizes, XL-2X, leggings & ring: Torrid, sizes 0-4

Friday, November 13, 2009

This weekend I plan to go shopping for some new work clothes. I have been working hard on keeping my clothing purchases to a minimum by curbing my spending appetite. I have been diving into magazines and doing countless hours of window shopping to prepare for this weekend.

I believe office wear has done a complete turnaround.Women are no longer wearing stuffy matchy matchy suits or plain old collared shirts and pleated trousers. Instead they are wearing ruffles, prints, bold colors, sexy heels, shimmer, and fitted dresses. Women are becoming inspired by runway fashion and creating outfits for work that reflect their personalities as well as their love for fashion and the corporate world is finally taking notice.

When people ask me what is my style, I always tell them professional chic. Anyone who kows me or went to highschool with me could tell you the same thing. I was the 10th grader rocking blouses and blazers with my jeans and Nine West heels while the other girls were wearing t-shirts and the newest kicks. Fastforward to now, and I still have the same style. Updated of course. I have always believed that there is power in work clothes and they should show a bit of your personality.

If you are in a style rut for work check out some of my choices for shaking things up at the office.

I think ruffle detailing is a great way to spice up your office look, which is why I chose a ruffle top and skirt. Don't be afraid to mix up colors like pink and yellow. A great trench coat always completes the look.
Topshop at ShopStyle
Long gone are the days of  plain solid color buttoned up cardigans. Try an animal print cardigan with a side ruffle embellished skirt or try an embellished cropped cardigan with a bold colored pencil skirt and keep the shoes simple with neutral colors.
CNC Costume National at ShopStyle
I know some of you may think I am crazy but, I love sequins for daytime. Paired with a classic blazer, you can pull this look off at the office.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle
A standout pair of heels or flats are always a great way to show personality at work. Of course you want to be comfortable for the office, so, I think it's important to wear an appropriate heel height that you can handle. If you have a pair of shoes that have a trendy or artistic design, wear them with trouser pants. They will look cute peeking out from your pants. They can also be a conversation starter. Think about how many times you coplimented someone at work on their shoes and you both chatted the day away.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

If you are afraid to wear bright colors and sequins to work then opt for bold accessories like large bracelets, watches, patterned tights, colorful scarves.  Show your boss that you mean business.

Tell me what is your work style?

Monday, November 9, 2009


Curvy girl Fantasia was spotted at the 2009 Soul Train Awards looking fabulous in a simple ruched long sleeve black dress. The southern beauty is never afraid to let her curves show. This season,  fashion is fearless with body conscious clothing. Women are no longer hiding their curves. Whether you're a size 2 or 24 make sure you take advantage of the tailored cuts and fitted looks this Fall season. Don't be afraid to stand out. Get Fantasia's look:

Plus Size Curves

A fitted dress like these require two things, Spanx and good posture. You always want to make sure you are held in properly and great posture shows confidence and makes you look and feel in charge.
Dresses: Dororthy Perkins, sizes 6-20,, sizes 14-30

Missy Curves

Dresses: Ann Taylor, sizes 00-18, Dorothy Perkins, sizes 6-20

Fantasia is wearing the Louis Vuitton Cancan heels, which retail for about $1,230. You can achieve the same look with these options above. Ankle straps are a great option.

Louis Vuitton Cancan heels


Sexy sleek multi strand drop earrings will complete the look. Forever21 $4.80

Friday, November 6, 2009


Do you have plans tonight and nothing to wear? Well, I have the hook up for you. Wet Seal has some pretty cool and trendy new arrivals at affordable prices.

The outfit to the left is for plus size curvy girls. Each piece comes in sizes 1X-3X.
Top $22.50, Latex leggings $18.50, and shoes $22.50

The outfit to the right s for missy curves and each pies comes in sizes XS-XL.
Top and skirt $19.50, shoes $29.50

So, go out and have fun tonight. Order a drink or three. You can afford it because you saved a bundle on your outfit.


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