Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning one of my friends tipped me off to an article about Crystal Renn on According to people, Crystal did a new interview with ABC's 20/20. In the the interview she says, We, as a culture, are fixated, and perhaps even in an unhealthy way, with dress size and the scale size,"

She goes on to say, "Fat people are absolutely discriminated against. I know this because of the type of modeling I do … If it wasn't, then I'd be all over the runways, every single runway, like everyone else," she says.

My Thoughts: Crystal Renn's star has truly been rising over the past year and I am truly excited to see the world is taking notice to the power of the plus size woman. I hope that all of the press and mentions make some serious changes for plus size models. I truly and deeply want to see more of us on t.v.  and in magazines on a regular bases not just when their doing weight specials. Furthermore, I hope that we don't just accept the sizes 12's and 14's, but, that the media and fashion industry accept the size 18's and 24's and so on. One thing I do disagree with is that a size 12 should not be considered fat.


stylishous said...

I agree that a size 12 is far from fat. A commenter on people had the nerve to say "it may not be an ideal size but it is not fat." Now while it's great that someone can recognize it's a size 12 is not fat, how dare someone say it's not ideal. Not ideal for whom? Not everyone wants to be a size 2 and many women that are a size 12 or bigger outshine & are flyer w/ than any 0,2,4,6! Some look better with a little more meat on their bones.

Rogerthat81 said...

It's so sad that people consider a size 12 fat. What is this world coming to?

Team Jacob said...

She does not even look plus size to me

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