Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Although I am still fairly young, I remember when I was growing up that is was never cool to wear Payless anything, especially sneakers (think XJ900). If your parents brought home a Payless bag you would look at them like they just sent you out to be hung. You knew that you would be subject to ridicule and atleast a weeks worth of jokes in the cafeteria. As you got older you began to understand why your parents bought you Payless shoes (affordable prices).

Well, times have changed. Since celebrities starting snagging Payless ad campaigns (remember Star Jones Starlet collection), many shoppers started to think twice about buying Payless. Now that designers are designing shoes based off their own collections or just creating designs specifically for Payless many high end fashionistas are secretly dipping into the store with their $300 shades to scoop up a pair of designer shoes for cheap. Brands like Abaete were one of the first to kick off the trend. Although this has been going on for a few years now, I never really went to check any of them out.

Today, I decided to take a peek into the store to check out Christian Siriano and Lela Rose's Payless designs for this season and I must say, they are very impressive. I know they are online, but, sometimes you just need a personal inside look.

All shoes are under $40.
Christian Siriano

Lela Rose

Lela Rose even had matching handbags

What do you think?


stylishous said...

I think the open toe cream peep toes with the green polka dots are cute. Let me find out I need to check out Payless for a pair of sandals for the Spring/Summer upcoming season! Stepping it up outside of the train ride The bags are not really pulling me in though. They still look a little too "Payless."

Ayumiin said...

I'm totally feeling those first Lela Rose pumps. I'm going to have to look out for those ones next time I'm in the store.

Anonymous said...

I agree with stylishous I like the green with polka dots. The others pumps and wedges were a reach. Even if they were in a high end store I wouldn't look twice at those shoes. I just think they are ugly. I also have a pet peeve about faux snake print. They never seem to look like the real thing. If I was to find a pair that could past for the real thing and the price was right I would purchase faux snake print shoes. I do like the flats and the clutch but I would have to see the clutch up close to see if it looks and feel cheap.

I would like to buy a pair but I am a little hesitant b/c I dont want to walk down the street and every one has one those shoes. Let's face it people still love deals not everyone is willing to pay $400 and $500 for shoes. People are trying to do bigger things like purchasing condos,cars,houses etc not just hot shoes with a hot outfit to ride the train.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

Payless has definitely come up. I remember people were ashamed to say they purchased anything from there but now designers want their products to reach the masses at affordable prices.
I love that knotted Lela Rose clutch.

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