Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey curvy girls,

Today's curvy girl inspiration comes from Rihanna. A colored body conscious dress is a great way to show off your curves. Go for a retro look like Rihanna by pairing white accessories to make the look standout. Ruching or draped sleeves adds a bit of interest to a plain colored dress.

Get Rihanna's look for your curvy body

1. Dorothy Perkins, sizes 2-18
2. Large clutch, endless $34.49
3. Cat eye sunglasses, French Connection $48
4. Chain necklace, Shopbop
5. Round toe pumps, Nine West


MS.Keisha said...

Love the Dorothy Perkins dress and Rihanna looks great.

stylishous said...

I definitely like the dress she is wearing, but her white shoes look to "I am heading to Mount Zion Baptist Church." You have to be so carful when it comes to white shoes. I like the shoes that Alissa picked out...those are the ones Rihanna should have been wearing! I also like the blue Dorothy Perkins dress. It’s a great shade of blue.

baddestchick29 said...

I like the entire look. Do you think that the size 18 would stretch to fit a size 20?

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