Thursday, February 4, 2010


Where are the Black Plus Size Models?

Before you read what I have to say today, I want to be clear that I am not trying to pull the race card (Ok, maybe I am), but, I have good reason. For the past couple of months plus size women have been taking over fashion magazines. First it was Glamour then V magazine, and countless others. It seems that the fashion world is finally starting to see the power of curves and how common they are. Crystal Renn, Kate Dillon, Lizzie Miller, and Amy Grahams are some of the most known plus size models today. Crystal Renn is considered the leader of the pack when it comes to plus size models and high fashion.

While, I think all of this is great, I can't help but to wonder where are all the black plus size models? Back in 2007 there was an uproar in the fashion world about designers not using black straigh size models. Legendary model Bethann Hardison was at the front of the line shedding light on the issue. She even hosted a debate in October of 2007. Could this be the same issue for plus size models? Well, I think so and the proof is in the pictures. A few months ago Glamour magazine pledged to use more plus size models in their magazine with a photo of some of the top plus size models today. In that photo there was only one black plus size model, Anansa Sims, daughter of legendary model Beverley Johnson.

I think there is not enough light being shined on black plus size models. Fashion, an industry that has shunned curvy women is finally beginning to accept us, even if it is just the size 12 and 14 models, nevertheless, fashion's most prominent leaders are taking notice. I just wish I could see more black faces. Especially when black women are known for having the most curvacious bodies of any other race.

So, today I dedicate this post to some of the known and unknown black plus size models of today:

Check them out:

Teiko Dornor
London based model and organizer of Miss Plus Africa. For more info check out her self titled blog Teiko Dornor


Toccara Jones
Americas Next Top Model contestant and the FIRST BLACK PLUS SIZE MODEL to be featured in Italian Vogue.

Anansa Sims
Featured in Glamour Magazine's plus size photo shoot

Mia Amber Davis

Jordan Borgella
Haitian model who was the winner of Mo'Niques F.A.T chance and American Idol contestant
Check out her interview about the Haiti disaster in the February issue of Plus Magazine

Sharon Quinn
Runway Diva for Plus Size models as well as a 3 time judge on Mo'Nique's F.A.T chance check her out in the February 2010 issue of Plus Magazine and her self titled website Sharon Quinn

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Do you feel like there is a lack of black plus size models?


stylishous said...

I guess for the industry it's baby steps. It took a lot for black models to get shine. Now plus size models are finally getting the chance to make a mark. Plus size & a woman of color all in one?? Whoa..this is mega in their eyes. Hopefully this changes as time goes on.

Lola Vanguard said...

The Monif C model you are referring to is the Lovely Ms Mia Amber

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lack of Plus size models period! I have meet many people over the years that are from many Nations and of many races and religions."Plus size" is international and multiracial. If Fat stays "where its at" The Fashion and music industry will follow the demand, and we will see the world in "All" its glory! I think what your doing is fantastic!! From a biracial plus size beauty, Kudos to you!! :)

Anonymous said...

I do think there's a lack of mainstream plus size black models. I think because of the stigma attached to black women and weight. Remember every other report comes out about how fat unhealthy black women are opposed to everyone else, so that probably has some desginers thinking they'll add to the stigma rather than take away. I think there needs to be more black plus size models represented in the media period, and in music like someone mentioned. I really don't see much of a change of that happened. I see white and non-black plus size representations everywhere these days though.

Anonymous said...

I feel that there is a major lack of plus size models in the world. But dont worry about us. Slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race :)

Anonymous said...

Jan 2012...This still applies.

Anonymous said...

Plus size women are hands dwn beautiful

Anonymous said...

Real world women tend to fit into the category of 'plus size'. Kudos to those who are doing their bit to remove the negative perceptions...

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a lack , and hard to find when searching

Lisa Brown said...

What website is that I would love to model

Anonymous said...

Plus size women are sexy and beautiful.Pretty faces and size sexy

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Vanessa Felts said...

I Love hat society has finally started to embrace reality (we) Plus size women rock in my opinion it's helping young girls to express who they are and who they want to become without the pressure of fitting into someone's else's description of who they want us to be ! Kudos to all the sexy curvatious and confident plus size models !

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