Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since it's been so cold and snowy, my mind can't even fathom swimwear right now. When I checked my email and saw that Torrid swimwear is now available. Looking at the pictures just makes me long for winter to be over. The suits are cute and girly. My favorite is the zebra print with the purple trimming. Oh, I can just imagine myself on the beach in Miami sipping on a mimosa with a sombrero.

Check it out at

What do you think about Torrid swimwear?


Monica said...

I love the purple and the black and white one with the ties on the side.

Bella32 said...

I'm a little unimpressed with these bathing suits from Torrid. They lack interest except for the zebra and purple.

stylishous said...

I am upset at the first model's look. There is not enough support in the bosom area and overall it doesn't make me say "time to shop for a bathing suit." I do like the one with the strings hanging from the side though...very cute.

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