Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey curvy girls,

You all know I love designers that make clothes for size 4 and up. As I was reading my April Essence I came across designer Qristyl Frazier a season 6 Project Runway contestant. I checked out her website and saw that she has some amazing things for curvy girls. She designs for sizes 4-30 and has made clothes for curvy celebrities such as Angie Stone and Queen Latifah.

I love that her designs accentuate and showcase a curvy girls body and shows off the voluptuous curves that people tell us play down.

To see more, visit her website at Qristyl Frazier. She also has a directory with a list of the models that she used.

Check out some of her pieces and tell me what you think:


FatshionablyChubby said...

I looove the 3rd piece the sleeves the fit perfect!!!

stylishous said...

I think she has a lot of nice pieces in her collection (not really feeling the pieces in red though). A lot of designers don't know how to make figure flattering jumpers, but I really like hers. And I love that she wasn't scared to have a romper that was that looks great with that bronze belt giving it a pop of color.

Jen said...

Great collection, I really love that romper! :)

Savonne said...

@Jen-yes, that romper is cute. I truly love the sequin one shoulder dress.

asha said...

i like most of the pieces, excluding #s 3 (i don't like the sleeves), 4 (the material looks cheap) and 6 (it's alright. it just doesn't look special enough).

Savonne said...

@asha- I am with you on the sleeves. It's a little too dramatic for me.

xlpharmacy said...

This blog is good! First of all I like so much the black women and also I like to grab enough when I'm with them, just look at what a legs they have.

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