Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey curvy girls,
If you haven't heard by now French Elle features plus size model Tara Lynn on the cover of their April issue. I first heard the news reading one of my favorite blogs NY Mag's The Cut. As soon as I saw the spread I immediately thought she looked beautiful and like the everyday curvy girl we see walking down the street. I was slighlty disappointed in the style choices because I thought they were a little bland and safe. A fashionable curvy girl is rarely safe in her wardrobe choices. We love pushing the skinny girl fashion envelope.
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It seemed as if the stylist lacked a bit of creativity. They could have chosen a few more accessories for the cover shot. For the actual spread, I wish they had chosen more colors, prints, and better shapes. I hate when they put plus size women in anything oversized like that trench coat that Tara is wearing. When I see that I think it gives a hidden message that if you are plus size you should only wear muted colors and simple shapes. The stylist should have taken notes from some of the poplular fatshion blogs to ee what curvy girls really wear. However, I did like that they put her in a bathing suit and a few fitted pieces.

What are your thoughts about Tara Lynn on the cover of French Elle?


Bookie said...

I really don't like the outfit they chose for the cover. I'm so-so on the rest of the outfits. I definitely think they could have picked more interesting style choices.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

She looks gorgeous on the cover. I'm not looking the trench look either (it's just hanging on her and looks blah), but I love that they show off her figure in the swimsuit and short dresses.

Savonne said...

@Bookie & Living Fly- I was truly disappointed at the outfit choices and that white jumpsuit was just all wrong. They truly needed to consult some other curvy girls. As the model, I would have been like this is not going to work!

anishea said...

I agree with you all. Poor style choices and that bathing-suit doesn't complement her figure at all.

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