Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey curvy girls,
I came across a post about a new online store for the curvy girls on Big Beautiful Mess (another curvy girl blog). I love when there are new online stores for us curvy girls because it allows us to have more of a variety in our wardrobes. The new store is called Lucie Lu. As I checked out the site I saw some really good pieces that were not bland or simple. I loved that the clothes had classic silouhettes, but, offered trendy and fun detailing.

I went to the about page and this is what Lucie Lu had to say:

It is my goal to drive my brand with style, rather than size. To make as many original pieces as i can, all the while striving for great fits, wearable looks, not too young, not too old, gotta have them in my closet CLOTHES!

Clothes come in sizes 1X-5X. Here are a few pieces that stood out to me:


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited that more and more sites are acknowleding the different trends of curvy women. We love style too..At one time the clothes that was available was bland and straight up ugly. This is great. I love each piece you selected. Of course I can't wear those shoes. LOL!!

Jen said...

Love those pieces! I've been hearing lots of great things about this store! :)

stylishous said...

I really like the first dress and the grey top with the mesh at the top of it. It is great to see more sites catering to a variety of sizes!

anishea said...

The Jill Scott Dress. I am not a fan. Need to loose the sleeves and may be it would be a contender.

Anonymous said...

I just got my first order from LucieLu. I ordered a mustard sweater/jacket "Saunder" and then a sequin shirt with a muted leopard print called "Ileana." I LOVED them both!! The shirt size 2 fit me perfect and I usually where a 16 to 18 up top-i'm very busty. The jacket was a little snug in my arms since I hold a lot of weight in my upper arms too (Size 18), but not enough to send back. My arms actually look smaller in the Jacket. I have definately been made a fan of Lucielu's stylish clothes and reasonable prices. It's nice to have clothes that have some character and reflect your personality and not age you just because you are plus sized. I was very pleased with the quality too.

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