Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey curvy girls,

A few weeks ago I was invited to go to New York & Company's 2010 fall fashion preview. NY&C has always been curvy girl friendly, by carrying up to size 18 in store (which many stores don't). My only problem with NY&C is that some of the cuts and sizing are questionable. It's as if they carry the plus sizes but, they are not cut for real curvy girls that have hips, a butt, and thighs. Have any of you ever ran into this problem? 

Over the past few seasons NY&C has been stepping up their style game. They have strayed away from their normal business and weekend casual looks and traded it in for more high fashion, uptown meets downtown styles. You can check out more of my review on the line on The Budget Fashionista.

Here are a few picks from their line that I thought were curvy girl worthy.
What are your thoughts on NY&C's fall 2010 collection?



Jen said...

I used to always shop there when I worked in an office but yes, you're right, they really have stepped up their game. I am really digging that gold necklace.

asha said...

savonne, i have the opposite problem. i'm busty so their tops don't fit unless it's an XL or L in looser fits. that and the fact that the quality of the material had gone down stopped my visits for a while but they have really stepped up their game. and it was about time because my other stand-by, lane bryant, is so iffy. recently, i was able to pick up some really nice pieces at ny & co and i'm looking forward to getting some from this new collection.

stylishous said...

They definitely have taken it a step up b/c I know they have not seen me for a few years, but with this new fall line I will have to check these looks out.

anishea said...

I haven't been to NY& Co in years because quite frankly the fell off. But Hello Fall I must hit them up soon.

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