Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey curvy girls,
While I was cruising the EVANS site for some retail therapy, I came across this photo of former ANTM contestant Toccara Jones posing in an EVANS outfit. Could it be that she is doing a spread for them?  I was shocked to see her and was clicking all over the site to see if I could find anymore pictures of her. I wish Toccara along with Anansa would get more modeling gigs because they truly have swagger and Toccara knocked it out the box with that Italian Vogue spread (I thought she would have blown up a little more from this). I love me some Crystal Renn and KAte Dillion, but once again, are the black plus size models non existent to the fashion industry?

I know it's been a struggle for black straight size models to get their shine on the runways. It's boggling and frustrating to me to not see the young black plus size models represented more. Yes, you see them modeling the latest plus size fashions for designers like Monif C. but, you rarely see black plus size models in fashion spreads beyond black media. Hmm...what's up with that? Well I'm on the case to find out if Ms. Jones has any more pictures modeling for EVANS. I will say that Evans does embrace the black models, just check out  model Julie Henderson.

Ok. I could go on for days about this. I'm not trying to start anything, I just feel that all nationalities should be recognized in plus size fashion just the same way that plus size women want to be recognized in the fashion industry period.

I wrote a post about this topic two months ago, so , feel free to check it out HERE

What are your thoughts on this?


stylishous said...

It is somewhat frustrating to see that this still has to be a topic in today's society. Frustrating b/c there should be no reason that this is still a problem & has to be discussed...why can't the industry embrace women of color more? In 2010 it is sad to know these questions still have to be raised. There are so many beautiful people in all colors, shapes...we live in a diverse land & I wish that could be seen & embraced by all of the fashion industry. Will it ever change?

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