Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey curvy girls, Looks like Lane Bryant has a sense of humor. According to Stylelist Lane Bryant posted a video on their Inside Curve Blog with a skeleton in lingerie gawking at her reflection. According to Lane Bryant's blog this video was not created by them, but, by Landline TV. It is to be considered a humorous response to the FOX and NBC networks for censoring their sexy lingerie ad with curvy model Ashley Graham.

Although the video is hilarious, do you think the video works against or works for the acceptance of beauty in all sizes?


Elle Woods said...


La Changa said...

WOW! i love this!! haha Very funny!

But i feel it may work against the acceptance of beauty in all sizes. It's kind of like reverse discrimination, and makes it seem like being super thin (although i hope its not skeletal thin XD)is not acceptable, or beautiful; like this commercial so hilariously demonstrates. I feel that everyone, both fat and thin, tall and short, etc. should spend more energy loving one's self instead of "sneering" at or targeting others who are different.

you dont have to agree/disagree, its just my personal opinion :)


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

I'm with Christina on this one, funny vid but...kind of working against the acceptance of beauty in all sizes. Some are skinny some are curvy, some are in between, every individual have different bodies, but every body is beautiful.
Maybe not a skeleton body lol get what I mean ;)

stylishous said...

So funny!! Whoever came up with this did a great job. And yes, I agree that all shapes & sizes should be accepted.

Goody said...

BBM said...

goody ... u got that right ... this is CRAZY.

every body is beautyful. i dont think this video is the way to go. glad its not directly from LB.

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