Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hey curvy girls,
America's Funky Sweetheart NaKIMuli Spring 2010 line is now available in plus sizes. Although my heart will always be with classic pieces, I can appreciate edgy and funky pieces for their ability to transform you into an entirely different person. For that reason, I love the designs that NaKIMuli comes up with. With the medley of colors and patterns, it reminds me of a Picasso painting, quirky yet interesting. I think every girl needs a few pieces in their wardrobe that transforms them from their daily looks.

Checkout a few of the plus size looks that also come in missy sizes at NaKIMuli



Anonymous said...

Let me 1st of all say, I do agree that everybody should own a few funky, chic pieces of clothing to jazz up their one-note wardrobe; however, the few pieces highlighted in this article were.... wack (for lack of a better word)!

The only item that caught my eye and was a fun item to add to my own personal closet, was the fabric chain-link necklace. The black dress, cute but not dramatic. Perhaps my funky-taste meter is wrong & way off but I think I would pass on this line.

monica said...

First of all i dont find her to be plus size. Secondly the outfits look homemade except for the black dress. The clothes are over the top and I would not wear the clothing.

Savonne said...

@Monica-I never said she was plus size. She makes the clothes in both misses and plus sizes.

asha said...

i like the afrikan hologram dress and the afrikan and giraffe print leggings. thanks for introducing me to a new designer.

stylishous said...

I do like the first dress, it's like 2 different dresses in one, yet they still work together, but the other dresses do not catch my eyes & the fabric quality on a couple look questionable (but that just may be the pic).

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