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Hey curvy girls,
Since spring is underway, it's time to breakout those floral dresses (no surprise here). You've seen celebrities from First Lady Michelle Obama to fellow curvy girl Jessica Simpson rocking their floral frocks. This spring season it seems that floral dresses are more colorful and even edgier then ever before. Just checkout Mrs. Obama in a beautiful blue floral empire waist dress and Jessica Simpson in a long one shoulder floral gown, two totally different looks. Long gone are the days of frumpy floral dresses that make you look like you could be on an episode of Golden Girls.

SC has the hookup for you on some of this seasons hottest floral dresses for curvy girls of all sizes.

Check it out


The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Love Michelle's dress, she looks so polished and pretty. I want every single dress you found, they're all great. I have a serious floral dress addiction and you're not helping. lol.

asha said...

i had been avoiding floral prints for a while because they just seemed to make me feel old or the pattern spread across my bust in an unflattering way but there are so many beautiful styles and prints out now. thanks for the post.

Savonne said...

@The Pale and Pallor-LOL. I do love your floral dresses and how you accessorize.

@Asha-I did this one for me too, because floral is not my thing.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

I love a floral print. I originally thought it was too young looking but a nice silhouette gives a floral dress a more sophisticated feel. Yay for florals :)

stylishous said...

I am loving floral this season. Some are still a no go, but for the most part there are many great options to choose from (including many of the ones you have listed). Thanks for giving us some more options.

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