Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey curvy girls:
Reader Asha asked where did the lovely and slimmed down curvy star Raven Symone get her color blocked dress that she wore to the XBOX 360 party last week. Well Asha, Miss Symone is rocking the $653 Zac Posen color block dress. The dress was originally priced at $1,090. This fabulous dress is made of cotton and elastene. It looks like it is only available at SAKS.

I must say that Raven's curves look awesome in this dress.

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asha said...

thanks for the info but ummm, you just confirmed that this dress is not in my budget. can you keep an eye out for similar, fashionista-on-a-budget versions?

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

She looks stunning.

sRa said...

she looks great! much better on her than the model imo ;)

Savonne said...

@Asha-Will do.
@sRa-I thought so too. She does look better in it than the model.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

I can't say this is my favorite look on her. Maybe it's just the combo of the dress, shoes and clutch, but I'm really not feeling it. But I love Raven though :)

stylishous said...

I personally don't care for the dress in general or on either female. I don't like Raven's hair in this particular pic either.

anishea said...

I have to agree w/ Living Fly on a Dime and stylishous, I've seen Raven in better outfits

shalom t-shirts said...

nice dress I really like it so much. such a unique design makes it attractive.

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