Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey curvy girls:
I signed up to be a guest blogger for the fabulous Boutique Larrieux's blog. This month's post is dedicated to shorts. I know so many curvy girls who are afraid to wear shorts and stick to capri's or bermudas out of fear of showing their legs. The post offers you a few options besides bermudas to help you find the right pair of shorts for your curvy body.

My favorite pair this summer is culottes. I thought I would never hear that word again since the 90's. I'm ordering a pair from Torrid.

Check out my post on Boutique Larrieux's blog corner here.


Tina said...

For me, it's not that I am afraid to show off my legs, but I can't wear short shorts b/c they bunch up between my legs when I walk. Unattractive and uncomfortable!

Savonne said...

Have you tried culottes? This hang more like a skirt to eliminate bunching,

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