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I have always been a fan of fashion editor/socialite/TV personality/business woman Miss Bevy Smith. If you are not familiar with Bevy then you need to Google her ASAP.  This curvy celebrity is the former Fashion Editor at Large for Vibe magazine and currently she runs her own business where she brings together the best in entertainment through her famous dinner parties called Dinner with Bevy.

What I love about Bevy's style is that it's always chic. You will always find her in a banging dress in an eye catching print or color. It seems that wrap dresses are her favorite along with sexy sky high heels. Most importantly Bevy wears her curves well, she always manages to keep her girls on display in a flattering unhidden way. I'm sure her shapely frame has men tripping all over themselves when she passes them on the street. Bevy's personality and confidence is mesmerizing, she exudes sexiness and is not afraid to show off her shape.

If you identify with Bevy Smiths body type here are a few notes you should be taking from her looks

1. Fitted/ body con dresses show off your curves
2. Utilize a belt to create or enhance curves
3. Be sure to invest in V-necks to display your ample bossom is a classy and chic way
4. Don't be afraid of prints that make you standout in a crowd

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Dinner With Bevy


asha said...

wow, what a coincidence. i just reached out to bevy on twitter. " i haven't met you yet but i just wanted to let you know that you're 1 of my mentors, lifestyle coaches, sistafriends (in my head)" @bevysmith.

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

:) wow, she's beautiful and truly inspirational, thanks for sharing. <3

stylishous said...

Okay, let me start by saying I think she is an admirable woman when it comes to her drive and her achievements. I think she is attractive, but I must go against the post & other comments I have seen thus far & say she totally kills it for me by having her breast overexposed. It has always gotten to me. I mean COME ON!! Almost every time I recall seeing her over the years I always see breast/cleavage first...Bevy Smith later. I understand wanting to be sexy, appealing, show your curves...great but as far as I am concerned she is what I call overexposed...literally. And I remember a point (and I don't know if she still does it) when she used to now even wear the right bra for her body & cup size and her breasts would not look very flattering in certain outfits. I am sorry, but there is nothing cute about having all of that hanging out. Be sexy, but classy. There is nothing chic about your boobs forward marching before you. Trust me, I get having large breasts, but know how to carry them with class. It is still possible to be sexy without having a it all hang out in EVERY outfit. I doubt they are for sale, so why are they ALL out on "display?" UGH!!

Savonne said...

@stylishous- I think that people with large breast the size of Bevy's tend to always hide them and what I like about Bevy is that she doesn't hide them. I think she flatters them by wearing chic wrap dresses. Although many may not want to flaunt their chest the way that she does I still think her look is inspiring to those women with her smae size chest.

I am a triple D/F myself and sometimes it's not easy to tame these things, so, I have to flaunt them.

When you have large breast of Bevy size you don't always want to have to pin your dresses or wear camisoles all the time.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

Bevy's style is always on par. She looks fly and never tries to hide her curves.

Sidenote: I love the new look of the site!

stylishous said...

Never said hide...I actually thought I made that pretty clear. There is a difference between some cleavage and the whole caboodle. I have larger breast myself, so I get that it is not always easy, but she clearly want them to hang all out. Sexy is great...but tastefully done. I haven't noticed you flaunting them in the fashion Bevy does...I see you presenting your body sexy, but classy...but if you say you flaunt them like Bevy, please provide the readers with pics. To each its own, but just giving my opinion.

Team Jacob said...

A woman can be stylish without exposing all her ingredients lol

Anonymous said...

I agree she needs to get a bra for her size. I am a 38 J and I work hard to find bras that fit and make me look good and sexy. I love her style, but she is overexposed. Look at that red dress...needs a better bra and camisole. And again I say this as a woman with big breasts! I can't hide them, but I've learned a good bra that fits makes my clothes fit better, better posture and overall sexiness.

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