Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today I was reading Refinery 29's  site and I came across this post titled, Fall Fashion for Plus Size Ladies. Once I viewed the post I was a little disappointed. All I could say was, "Hell To the Naw!" (in my Whitney Houston voice) While some pieces were cute, the  looks just wasn't screaming stylish Fall fashion for plus sizes. I appreciate the curvy girl love from Refinery 29 (I do enjoy reading their site), I just didn't appreciate some of the looks. So, Stylish Curves decided to give you a couple of Fall fashion looks for the plus size curvy girl who wants to look modern and most importantly stylish.

What do you think of the looks that Refinery 29 showed?
Checkout SC's Fall looks

Floral Prints For Fall

Since floral prints are equated with being sweet and pretty a great way to toughen up a floral dress is with a cropped or motorcycle style jacket and a pair of sassy killer heels. (Click on pictures to purchase any of the items)

Capes For Fall
Capes are coming back in a major way this upcoming Fall season. We've already seen stars like Rachel Bilson rock the cape look and ASOS offers this wonderful green military style cape specifically for plus sizes. Pair it with a slouchy sweater like the one above from Dorothy Perkins and a pair of skinny jeans and tall suede boots. (Click on pictures to purchase any of the items pictured)

Lace For Fall

  Lace is a great option for evening cocktail parties and it looks like this trend will be making another appearance this Fall season


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

totally feeling the inspiration. like it all. :)can't wait for fall.

appleinlondon said...

i like some of the pieces some are not me. Definitly would consider the cape because i really want one :D

monica said...

refinery 29 clothes look horrible they are not inspiring pieces. BOO!

asha said...

the looks that refinery 29 posted are uninspired. FAIL! now, about the fall looks you suggested. i am all about capes for late autumn into winter. i have several but i may have to get that military style cape. it's hot! i'm also loving the moto jackets. i don't know if i could wear a cropped one but i will try the regular length and the cropped version to see which works for me.

Kristin said...

i got to admit, i love the fleece motorycycle jacket from Old Navy - CUTE! but other than that - do they think that we want to wear moo-moos and cover everything up with tents? yuck.

i am so thankful to have bloggers that actually know what we are looking for! you rock!

Savonne said...

@Krisitn-Yes, that moto jacket is cute from ON. I will be ordering mine during the next coupon offer.

@Asha-I will be into the cropped jackets myself. I feel like they make an outfit look more fashion forward

@Apple-I'm all over that cape soon as it goes on sale, LOL

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