Saturday, July 31, 2010


Since August is the start of back to school shopping, I thought about what is the first thing girls buy when it comes to school shopping. During my school days, the first thing I went for were a pair of great jeans. Which made me come up with the title "If I were A Student In The 70's" because the 70's were the best era for jeans.
If I were a student in the 70's I think this outfit would be something that I would have worn during that era. The 70's is one of my favorite decades. The music, the clothes, the politics. Everything about that era was just inspiring. I got this top from my favorite resale store in Brooklyn, which is ReDress NYC. I was immediately drawn to the pattern.

I love the vintage look it gives so I decided to go the extra mile and wear it with a pair of wide leg trouser jeans that I bought from Torrid last year. I added some purple chandelier style earrings and a cuff bracelet. After putting everything together all I could think was that it looked like something from the 70's. All I needed was an afro.
All I was missing from this look was an extra platform on my shoes with a real fish swimming around, lol.

What I'm Wearing
Top: Liz Claiborne via ReDress NYC
Jeans: Z. Cavaracci
Shoes: Nina
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet-Passed on to me from my auntie (RIP)


Michelle Cantrell said...

You look WAY more fashionable than anyone from the 70s! Way to update a look. Love that color on you too!

Elle Woods said...

I love the top. I rarely wear jeans/pants. might have to start again. Check out my newest post on and their prices.

carly said...

You are rocking those jeans!

Mz B said...

I love this look on you...really jazzy!

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

love this look on you!! <3

Anusha said...

This looks just gorgeous on you!! That's one of my favorite shades of pink and I adore flared jeans. To me this outfit looks kind of early '80s too. The purple earrings are just perfect. :o)

asha said...

cute look. i love the color of your top and the flare of your wide leg jeans.

Chandra said...

Wow! You look amazing! The fit of those jeans and that blouse is perfect.


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