Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It looks like Ebony ( the girl who wore the tribal print ASOS dress) has sparked a rise in fans sending in their stylish curvy girl photos. Today, we have Anika from Norway.

Anika says:
I embrace my curves by making the most of them, the days of hiding them are long gone! I now know that if the clothes don`t fit THEY need changing, not me! :) I am always reworking my clothes, and much happier for it. Also, I like to put on a pair of heels and sway my hips LOL!

In the pic I am wearing a white dress of my own design (made from two dresses), a cut off tunic from H&M (that I also made into a dress), neckless from Accessorize, scarf and bangles from H&M, studded sandals from DNA, bonkers glasses bought in Croatia, fringed bag from Top Shop.

Anika, I love your creativity with your style. It's so bohemian and you wear it well. 
Also, Anika writes her own blog called Sweet Faced Style. Check it out at

In addition to blogging Anika is the Norway fashion editor to XOXO Skorch Magazine

If you would like to be considered for Stylish Curvy Girl of the day, please send in your photos to Please include your name, where you are from, and most importantly, how do you embrace your curves.


QueenDiva said...

Anika: You are having a heck of a week... first on my blog and now here... You are seriously SPECTACULAR!!!

Alissa: I love seeing your Daily Stylish Curves... keep up the good work!!

Anika said...

Thank you so much for featuring me!! I feel so grateful for all the support from you and QueenDiva :D
much love to you!

xxx Anika

Savonne said...

@QueenDiva-Thanks so much.

@Anika-No, thank you for sending in your pics. I love to see different style. I'm working on your stuff this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nice look!!! Yes! Style and comfort can go together!! Such an inspiration to be creative too!


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