Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today's stylish curves of the day is Ivory from LA. I spotted Ivory over on The Fashion Bomb's website after SC reader Asha tweeted me to take a look at The Bombshell of the day. (Sorry, I had to jack the bombshell of the day FB but she was just too fly of a curvy girl to pass up). After checking out Ivy's style, I knew I had to have her on Stylish Curves, so, since I am not shy, I immediately contacted her and asked her to send in her pics.

Checkout Ivy's fashion resume
Here's how Ivory says she embraces her curves:
I embrace my curves by wearing clothes that make me feel good. I strongly believe in that saying "When you look good, you feel good." Being curvy/thick/fat/voluptuous, whatever you may call it has it's fashion challenges, but I LOVE the challenge. I love when people do a double take and are "surprised" on how "well I dress". I love being curvy and honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else...
I love how Ivory embraces her curves with body con dresses. Most importantly she wears her clothes with confidence and her spirit reads, I love my body. With her bright smile Ivy wears her curves beautifully.

For more great looks, checkout Ivory on The Fashion Bomb

Thanks for submitting Ivory!

If you would like to be considered for Stylish Curves of the day, send 1-3 pics of yourself in your most stylish outfits to Please include your name, location, and a brief description on how you embrace your curves.


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

she's so chic! <3 love her style.

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

fab! She looks great, love this post, and your series :)) surfing over to check out her site now:)

sending you big <3 honey! xx

asha said...

ivory is stylin'. i'm glad i suggested that you check her out. these are different pix than the ones from TFB. good job, SC! but ivory...i really love your style. my favorites are the last two pix. that skirt is hot! and that striped cowl neck body con dress paired with the pop of color peep-toes is the bizness.

stylishous said...

I think what I love most is your confidence. I love the 3rd pic with the orange/pink/white skirt. It is great for the office, but you still can show personality in it. The first look is also great & sexy for a night out w/ friends.

Cara said...

all the looks are....FAB!!! the look with the orange skirt is my fav.

Savonne said...

Yes, I love Ivory's look. It's so sassy,sexy, and chic simultaneously.

Mica said...

How do I following this stylish diva? I love her style.

Anonymous said...

She is HOT!!! and her fashion sense is amazing!!!

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