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If you are a fan of Ashley Stewart then you'll probably be excited about their new denim line. Last week SC stopped by the Ashley Stewart denim bar at the Ace Hotel to checkout their new line of denim. I am a skeptic when it comes to Ashley Stewart's denim because sometimes the jeans can come off cheap looking or just a tad too trendy for my taste. However, that's not say that you can't find a good pair of jeans in the store.

Their new line is made up of four collections which consists of Premium denim, Novelty, 5 Pocket (which comes in petite, average, and tall), and jeggings.

The new collection offered a variety of styles. There were looks for the trendy curvy girl who likes her denim ripped and ruched and if you like your denim dark and classic then the 5 pocket collection will appeal to you. I was not sold on some of the back pocket designs or the animal print front pocket designs, but, I was definitely feeling the wide leg tie waist jeans and the moto cross light wash jeans. 

Jean sizes range from sizes 12-26 with the exception of the jeggings which go up to a size 24. Ashley Stewart's new denim line is priced from $29-$59. 

Check the new line out for yourself and tell SC what you think.

Premium Denim

Novelty Denim

5 Pocket Denim


Models in the new AS denim line

They also had this cute faux leather and fur zippered vest which I thought was cute.


xtina the great said...

the vest is cute, however this ~premium denim stuff, i don't believe. angel wings and crosses aren't hot. the3 wide leg ones w/ the tie-waist are the only cute ones i see.

Carmella said...

Ashley Stewart is kind of hit or miss for me but when they hit, its a bulls eye. I like the light washed premium denim jeans and the wide legged pants. I wish their skinnies were a little more tapered on the bottom though. The vest is too cute


Ms Desha said...

I agree the wide leg trousers are the best...the rest look like typical Ashley Stewart nonsense, last year they had jeans with what looked like a garbage bag sewn to the leg smh they are a mess Love the vest too...

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