Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today's Stylish Curves of the day is from JuJu in Brooklyn.

Heres how JuJu embraces her curves:
 I love to see when plus size women like my self embrace their curves. Some females tend to think having curves is a bad thing but not me. I love my curves and embrace it everyday when I shop I always look for clothes that I will feel comfortable in and also cute... I love when I step out and all eyes are on me.  Makes me feel so beautiful... I also love when women ask me where i get my outfit from. I love clothes from Torrid, Ashley, and Fashion to Figure. They always have clothes that are CUTE,COMFORTABLE and makes me feel CONFIDENT... The three C's I live by when getting dressed...
Well JuJu, your confidence shows in your pictures and your looks are trendy and curve embracing. I personally love that black dress and those ripped leggings. Thanks for representing the Brooklyn curvy girls.

What do you guys think of JuJu's looks?


Maggie said...

so glad I discover your blog..

Fashionably Black said...

I'm loving her style. From the ripped leggins to the silver ruffled dress and everything in between. Great job!

Simple Beauty said...

Yes She Brings It!

ginakahuna said...

Yeah Gal!..Size aint got nuthin on u!

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Jade Graham said...

I love my curves and embrace it everyday when I shop I always look for clothes that I will feel comfortable in and also cute BoBoCo

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