Monday, September 27, 2010


Now that Fall's here, stores are beginning to put their Fall stuff on sale to start making way for their holiday
collections. A few months ago, SC was invited to checkout The Limited's holiday collection. I love when brands roll out their holiday gear because this is when brands really bring out their glamorous side.

When I arrived, I was jamming to the spins of the fabulous DJ KISS who was spinning everything from Janet Jackson's "Control" to Larrieux's "Bullet Proof" while snacking on candy from Dillan's candy bar.
I walked around the room touching faux leather and tweed shorts, houndstooth skirts, and a sweetheart neckline draped waist velvet dress thinking to myself, can I have one of everything.

The Limited spawned a versatile holiday collection that could easily carry you from day to night, and straight into the weekend. I loved the wool gold button trench coats in red and camel (two colors of the moment) as well as the cozy looking knit sweaters.  To get you ready for your holiday parties the collection offered uber chic and sexy body con dresses that were made with sheer, lace, and brocade. I was even surprised to see an all white suit complete with a black lace top that immediately gave me a flash back to John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever (circa 1977).

The Limited is one of those stores I think we often forget about especially if you're in NYC because there aren't any unless you go upstate. After checking out this holiday collection I'll be sure to put them back on my shopping list.

Checkout the rest of the collection and let me know your thoughts.




Simple Beauty said...

Pretty Chic Collection!

Living Fly on a Dime said...

I don't think I've ever shopped at The Limited but this collection is amazing. The houndstooth skirt and black lace dress are my faves.

asha said...

fall is definitely my favorite season. i love the colors, the textiles and the textures. i really like that tweed skirt.

isn't there a limited in the manhattan mall on 33rd. St.?

monica said...

I love the collection. when is it in stores. I tried looking for the jacket but it is not available online. WTF! I hope we can purchase these clothes and they are not just for shows.

Rhoyale said...

I like The Limited but the stores in DC, MD, and VA dont carry size 16 anymore... I think they're only available online.

Savonne said...

@Asha- I don't think there is a Limited there. I remeber the only one they had was in Kingz Plaza, but that closed down.

@Rhoyale-Some stores carry the 16 and 18 in pants only, but, for other stuff you have to go online to get it. I know, what a shame.

The collection hits stores next month.

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