Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I was sent this super cute leopard print dress from curvy girl site Size Appeal. I have never worn anything from Size Appeal and quite frankly wasn't intrigued by their website. However, I was curious to know how their clothes fit and looked on an up close and personal level because the photos on the site don't do the clothes justice.
So far this season I've been buying a lot of animal prints. This is my 3rd animal print dress. I think I'm going to become one of those old ladies whose house is draped in animal prints from he couch to the curtains.

What I like about this dress is that it has a peplum waist which makes it a little more interesting. I also liked that the straps were wide enough to still wear a full bra oppose to a strapless one. The dress had a close fit and required spanx to smooth things out and hold things in. Like many of the trendy plus size brands the fit is more juniors plus than womens plus, which I dislike. I had to order two sizes up and the dress still had a tight fit. The quality is equivalent to the majority of trendy plus size brands. Not luxurious, but, you can definitely get a few wears out of it. Which is fair since the dress cost less than $40 retail value. 
I decided to wear my tuxedo jacket that I haven't worn in years. I loved the satin sheen against the animal print. I also liked the low back of the dress because it adds another element of sexiness. This is actually in my opinion one of those dresses that is perfect for going out for a night of partying. 

Have any of you shopped at Size Appeal? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

Checkout Size Appeal and receive a 20% off coupon by using code: stylish 20


Les Pitreries de Vanoue said...

OMG they deliver to France!

Jen said...

This is the dress I've been wanting! Thanks for the review and code :D

The Natural Fashionista said...

I have visited the Size Appeal site and must admit that most of the things that I saw were nothing to be desired, but this dress is gorgeous (sucker for animal print always). I may give them a try one day!

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I have ordered from them in the past and I can tell you that the sizing is way off. Be careful of the quality of what you order

Alissa said...

Thanks everyone

stylishous said...

You look gorgeous. The dress may not have been ideal from the way you describe the shaping, etc., but you worked it! I don't like that it rides up in the front thigh part, but even with that you still look great!

Gabrielle said...

It looks great on you!
I want it!
Question ...
How do you know what size to order? I have been wanting to order from ASOS as well but I am just not sure about fitting.
Do you just know off-hand what your inch measurements are?
PS: Go Brooklyn! (Crown Heights, lol)

Carla(LoverofWords) said...


Here is what I do I take the measurements of the clothes that fit me best. For instance a size 26/28 top from lane bryant (yes I am boobalicisous) so with that I look at their sizing chart and keep the measurements (I also know my exact measurements because I sew and my measurements taken by a professional dressmaker). Then when I am shopping online I compare the measurements of the item to my own and I know then which size is best.

I don't want to hijack her comments so I am gonna stop here

ChaCha said...

as told on curvesandchaos, this dress is great but I had too many problems with Size Appeal. I'm waiting for my order since 2006...

Alissa said...

@Cha Cha-LOL!

Yolanda said...

Love your page but currently size appeal has an F rating at the Better Business Bureau. They also have numerous complaints everywhere on the internet. I'm shocked they're still in business after years of bad service and fraud! I'm sure they sent you the dress hoping to mislead more people. If you think I'm lying please take a few minutes to research them online and at the BBB. Only trying to help as they suckered me out of money and I never received my merchandise or a refund.

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