Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm the kind of shopper who utilizes the wishlist on websites. I like to save my favorite items just in case I come into some extra cash. A few weeks ago, I was the crazy online shopper due to coming into some extra cash. I'm wearing 3 of the items that I had on my wishlist. One of the items on my wishlist was this leopard print faux fur from Torrid. I'll admit, i didn't like how it looked online, but, I ordered it anyway because I figured it would probably look different in person. When I opened the box, I was taken back a little bit because I thought the coat was too loud, but, after staring at it for a few days it started to grow on me. I love how sassy and over the top it looks with my skinny jeans. It's definitely a coat I would wear when I want to standout from the crowd.
The second piece I bought was this crimson red lace trim dress from ASOS.  I had been coveting this dress for sometime now waiting for it to go on sale. It never did. So, I decided to just get it. I debuted it at the Redress Indie Plus show and received so many compliments on it. What drew me to the dress was the detailing. From reading my blog and seeing my outfit posts, you know I am a sucker for details. I was intrigued by the combination of the pleated waist with the lace trimming on the neckline and waist. The clothes on ASOS models are always too big for the models, so, sometimes it's hard to decipher how something will fit. I wasn't sure what size to get in the dress, so, I went one size up.

The 3rd item I purchased was these above the knee ruched suede boots from Piperlime. I received a $15 b'day coupon and thought, what better way to use the coupon than on shoes. I liked the ruched detailing on the boots and thought they were quite sexy.

I still have tons of items on countless wishlists, but, since Christmas is coming up, I will have to keep those items on my personal wishlist and work on getting items for friends and family before Christmas.


Les Pitreries de Vanoue said...

OMG! This dress was made for you!
You rock!!!!!

stylishous said...

The dress looks fab on you. I like the boots as well. I like leopard, but in doses & depends on the look of it & I must say that you wear this particular coat well. Do it lady!

vicen said...

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6roove said...

so chic! interesting dress in lovely color, great fur coat and fantastic shoes!

Chandra said...

Wow! This is a great look for you. I really love those boots. I wonder if they are still on Piperlime?


Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

you look amazing honey!! I love the colour on you and the cut of it, very nice with the details at the waist and neckline. I love how you celebrate your beautiful curves!
<3 Anika

~dIva mOm~ said...

Those boots are fabtabulous! You soo rock :0)

paige said...

The boooots!!! The boots is love . Awwww :)

Prissy said...

OK! I'm sooooo glad you decided to purchase this coat!! Its to die for! I'm in love with it. I want one too :(


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