Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love my readers! Reader Shelley left me a comment on my leather and lace outfit post saying,

"I like your boots! I am tryna find the close-up picture of that middle outfit you have. The one with the leopard leggings. OMG. I wanna see that."
The outfit she is referring to is the middle picture on SC's header. You can checkout that post here. I totally forgot all about those leopard print pants due to the mountain of clothes that are in  my closet. After I gave her the link to that post, I decided to search for those pants and what do you know I found them.
I got these leopard print jeggings from Faith21 last year. A friend from Jersey of all places talked me into buying them. You know Jersey girls love their animal prints. I love these pants because they're comfortable and saucy. They were one of my favorite pairs of pants to wear because I would wear them with t-shirts and solid colored button ups. People think that plus size women should stay away from any printed pants, but, I say screw that. I love my body and I'm going to embrace my curves and not be afraid of printed pants. I know I may have gotten some weird looks wearing these, but, one thing about me is that if someone doesn't like what I'm wearing then that's their problem. Just like Fantasia said, "I'm doing me!"
This time, I decided to wear it with my black draped vest, lace sleeve shirt, and Vince Camuto suede pumps. Thanks Shelley for reuniting me with an old favorite.
What I'm Wearing:
Lace Sleeve Top-Forever21
Draped Cardigan-TJMAXX (gifted)
Leopard Jeggings-Faith21
Suede Pumps-Vince Camuto


Mayra said...

you rocked the hell out of those leggins/pants! I have the same ones but mine are real thin leggins so I have to use a regular black pair of leggins underneath so they are not so shear!! U look fuckn gorgeous!! xoxo Mayra

shelley said...

I so freakin agree with Mayra. I am too in love with this outfit on you. Well, you make the outfit, but I am super inspired to get those leggings. Um. I didn't realize that Jersey girls loved animal prints. I'm liking them now because of how they look on you. But I did without otherwise. Although, I am a BK girl,so maybe that's why ;)

RhapsoDY said...

I've always been wary of too much animal print, esp on the bottom. I've always felt it a little tacky, but seeing how you chic'ed it up, I'm def inspired to unleash my wild side. You've done it again A!

Minister of Style said...

Ok I am a Jersey girl but only until recently I became a lover of animal prints, lol. You look simply divine in those pants! I have been a admirer of your blog and style for a minute but never got a chance to comment until now...fabulous

Stiletto Siren said...

Those leggings look so good on you! Very sassy!

FashionLuva87 said...

Love this outfit and u rocked it

Alissa said...

Thanks guys for the compliments.

@Rhapsody-I felt like that too the first time I wore them which is why I wore a blazer with them to try and tone them down

Prissy said...

I'm a HUGE fan of leopard prints. I'm loving this look!! It is too cute on you, Miss Thang!!


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