Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What is that, velvet? (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.). Ever since that hilarious scene in Coming To America, whenever I say or see velvet, I have to say that line. Velvet seems to have made a big comeback this year, but, it my opinion it never left. I've always been a fan of velvet and no matter its popularity, I've always worn it. A few months back I bought this velvet two button blazer with a gift card I got after attending Bodens Johnnie B. fall collection preview. They had a pink velvet and a leopard print velvet version of this blazer that I wanted, but, I chose the black because I realized that I didn't have any nice looking black blazers. I thought a black velvet blazer would be perfect to dress up or dress down. Especially for the fall and winter months.

As you all know, I like my clothes to work double duty. Meaning, I need to be able to wear at least 60% of my clothes to work and on the weekends without looking like I'm going to work on the weekends (it does happen sometimes). I chose to wear the blazer with a ruffled skirt for a youthful look. Velvet can sometimes age you, so, it's important to make sure that you are wearing it with pieces that are young and fresh.

Skirt-Forever21, Belt-Forever21, Shoes-Guess, bow tie shirt-Loft, Earrings -Strawberry, Watch-Anne Klein

The second time I wore the velvet blazer, I was trying to play around with looks. I wanted to wear it with a trendy item so I chose to wear it with my light blue denim biker jeans, a striped sweater and my black pumps with polka dot shoe clips. I think it's important to play around with your wardrobe and mix and match pieces for an unexpected look.
This blazer really had a comfortable fit. I had never purchased anything from Boden before because I thought the clothes were a little too mature for me. I'm hoping that leopard print or pink velvet blazer is still available after Christmas because it will be mine. In case you didn't know, Boden goes up to a size 18. 
Sweater-Loft, Biker jeans-Torrid, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Earrings-Forever21

More options for a velvet blazer:

SC's Tips for wearing velvet- Although I chose a black and white theme with my velvet blazer, there are so many more ways you can wear one. Velvet is such a soft smooth fabric that it automatically dresses things up. It livens up whatever you wear it with. Try a velvet blazer over a sexy slinky dress in a bright color or pair it with a satin top for extra glamour.


Tye said...

I love the velvet blazer it's very cute and simple. I do agree it can be dressed up or down and you pulled it off both ways. I love the one where you wore the blazer with the jeans because I love the sweater that you wore underneath it. Great look!!

Diary of a Chic Mommy

Still Redheaded said...

That skirt is FIERCE. Looks great with the velvet blazer!

Have I mentioned how much I love your style? This post shows how great you can work your look.

Ears To The Feet said...

Liking the looks a lot. Especially the shoes. Shoe clips really do make shoes pops... given the right clip for the right shoe.

Savonne said...

@Tye- Thanks so much. I like the jeans too witht he blazer.

@stillredheaded-thank you so much.

@Ears to the feet-I so agree with you about the shoe clips. I love them.

theplussideofme said...

Ohhhh! I love these looks! Especially love the striped skirt with the blazer. The striped top is from Ann Taylor LOFT right? I really love their clothes, and they go up to 2XL online :).

Alissa said...

@plus side of me-Thanks and the striped blazer is from Ann Taylor Loft.

Jeniese said...

That blazer is amaze! Thank you for introducing me to the fact that Boden goes up to a size 18.

Anonymous said...

trop classe avec ton jeans

asha said...

i like both looks. even though i didn't enter the contest, those shoe clip-ons really add that extra little something to the outfit.

i bought a velvet pantsuit from h&m back in the days when they had plus sizes. the blazer is fitted and the slacks have a little flare. i've only worn it the suit a few times, mostly with a black satin bustier and heels and colorful accessories. i think it's time to break it out again but i'll have the slacks tailored.

Savonne said...

@Jeniese-Thanks and you're welcome

@Asha- Now I remember when H&M had plus, but, I don't remember the plus section having anything cute like a velvet pantsuit. Please take pics when you wear it.

RAVEN said...

I love love the sweater and jeans combo it looks great and you pulled it off nicely also the shoe clips are awesome.

Monique said...

Looking very chic!!

gigiofca said...

I love both looks. Very cute. I have that Loft sweater and will have to try it w/my velvet blazer. Tres cute.

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