Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today's best of 2010 goes to the much needed plus size designers. 2010 brought out some of the best designs from our favorite plus size designers  like Monif C., Igigi, Anna Scholz, and Jibri. They gave sexy, cool, sophisticated, and edgy fashions to satisfy the ferocious appetites of plus size fashionista's who have been wanting the same contemporary designs that we see from straight size designers. Consistently these designers brought great collections from Spring, Fall, and right into holiday. There was no limit to their creativity. Their designs showed that they had the plus size woman's best interest at hand and their collections never disappointed.

In my opinion, every one of these designers gets my vote. However, SC wants to know which plus size designer knocked your fashion socks off in 2010.

The nominees for best plus size designer of the year are:

Monif C. for Monif C.

Anna Scholz for Anna Scholz

Jasmine Elder for Jibri

Yuliya Raquel for Igigi




asha said...

while I love both monif c and jibri, I have to choose jibri. both have the hot styles and silhouettes that suit my figure but jibri fits my budget a little better. I still love my fuchsia fringe swimsuit from monif c though;)

BBM said...

i love how u have these polls going hun! have a fabulous new year! xoxo!

Curvy Debbie said...

I really like Monif C. Unfortunately Im too poor to buy her dress, but I decided for 2011 im gonna save money to buy the convertible dress by Monif C. I also like the way her models wear her cloth! so glam!

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