Saturday, July 31, 2010

Since August is the start of back to school shopping, I thought about what is the first thing girls buy when it comes to school shopping. During my school days, the first thing I went for were a pair of great jeans. Which made me come up with the title "If I were A Student In The 70's" because the 70's were the best era for jeans.
If I were a student in the 70's I think this outfit would be something that I would have worn during that era. The 70's is one of my favorite decades. The music, the clothes, the politics. Everything about that era was just inspiring. I got this top from my favorite resale store in Brooklyn, which is ReDress NYC. I was immediately drawn to the pattern.

I love the vintage look it gives so I decided to go the extra mile and wear it with a pair of wide leg trouser jeans that I bought from Torrid last year. I added some purple chandelier style earrings and a cuff bracelet. After putting everything together all I could think was that it looked like something from the 70's. All I needed was an afro.
All I was missing from this look was an extra platform on my shoes with a real fish swimming around, lol.

What I'm Wearing
Top: Liz Claiborne via ReDress NYC
Jeans: Z. Cavaracci
Shoes: Nina
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet-Passed on to me from my auntie (RIP)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It looks like it has been a great week of style for curvy celebrities. This week Amber Riley and America Ferrera both represented for the curvy girls on the red carpet.

Miss Amber Riley knocks it out the park in a super chic white dress and nude peeptoes.
America Ferrera kills it in a purple body con dress with black peeptoes

Who wins this style battle? Vote!

For the second installment of SC's Summer's Not Over series we are taking it to the feet. I know you are seeing tons of new fall boots and you can't wait until the weather gets a little cooler so you can start wearing your Fall footwear. Well, SC is giving you a reality check. Summer is still in progress, so we decided to come up with 30 pairs of wedged sandals to help you stay fly in this 90 degree weather. Those Fall boots can wait.

30 Pairs of Wedges Under $100

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have always been a fan of fashion editor/socialite/TV personality/business woman Miss Bevy Smith. If you are not familiar with Bevy then you need to Google her ASAP.  This curvy celebrity is the former Fashion Editor at Large for Vibe magazine and currently she runs her own business where she brings together the best in entertainment through her famous dinner parties called Dinner with Bevy.

What I love about Bevy's style is that it's always chic. You will always find her in a banging dress in an eye catching print or color. It seems that wrap dresses are her favorite along with sexy sky high heels. Most importantly Bevy wears her curves well, she always manages to keep her girls on display in a flattering unhidden way. I'm sure her shapely frame has men tripping all over themselves when she passes them on the street. Bevy's personality and confidence is mesmerizing, she exudes sexiness and is not afraid to show off her shape.

If you identify with Bevy Smiths body type here are a few notes you should be taking from her looks

1. Fitted/ body con dresses show off your curves
2. Utilize a belt to create or enhance curves
3. Be sure to invest in V-necks to display your ample bossom is a classy and chic way
4. Don't be afraid of prints that make you standout in a crowd

Photo Credits:
Dinner With Bevy

As a teenager in high school during the 90's, I remember religiously reading fashion magazines like YM and Seventeen. The styles were always creative and the content was always about current teen issues, but, there was one thing missing out of those magazines, a young teenage curvy girl that looked like me or even resembled me. Before it became cool to have a little meat on your bones, teen magazines did not showcase any girls with a body type bigger than a junior size 11/12. Even if they did, they had the poor girl in the most basic looks possible. Fast forward to now, atleast two types of curvy figures are featured in teen mags and countless clothing lines that cater to the young curvy girl are also featured, but, we need more.

When I think back to my high school days and how insecure I was, because I wasn't as thin as my friends or couldn't find some of the same cool clothes they did in my size, makes me wish that there were more teen mags that catered to the curvy girl during the 90's. Since we can't turn back the hands of time, I am glad and proud to see the handful of online magazines that are catering to plus size curvy girls. They are truly needed and important to our younger generation. E-mags like Skorch were one of the first to target the plus size reader market and did it in a way that made plus size women of all ages feel like they could be as stylish as everyone else. They made it possible for young girls to see themselves in a positive yet fashionable light.

These plus size magazines are important because they are offering young girls a higher self esteem as well as body images that they can relate to. There are a myriad of young plus size girls out there who are battling with body acceptance and feel like they must lose weight in order to dress or look a certain way. Plus size magazines make it possible for these young women to see that they are beautiful and can look great at any size. You don't have to be thin to be stylish. Plus mags like Daily Venus Diva are great resources for health, beauty, travel, and business. Plus Model Magazine is the leading online magazine for helping plus size models start and better their career. The magazine offers information anywhere from how to strengthen a modeling portfolio to finding a plus size modeling agency.

Today, plus mags are garnering more attention than ever before as they are being discovered daily by young plus size curvy girls who are craving great fashion in sizes above a 12. Just recently Gemini magazine announced that their online magazine will be going to print. This is a great feat for any online magazine. Within the next few months we will be seeing a couple more plus size magazines emerge, like PHAT magazine and Evolve magazine.

It is imperative that we continue supporting these magazines online and in print so that there will come a time where we can pick them all up on newsstands across the world. So, if you haven't familiarized yourself with these yet, then you need to hop to it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I was reading Refinery 29's  site and I came across this post titled, Fall Fashion for Plus Size Ladies. Once I viewed the post I was a little disappointed. All I could say was, "Hell To the Naw!" (in my Whitney Houston voice) While some pieces were cute, the  looks just wasn't screaming stylish Fall fashion for plus sizes. I appreciate the curvy girl love from Refinery 29 (I do enjoy reading their site), I just didn't appreciate some of the looks. So, Stylish Curves decided to give you a couple of Fall fashion looks for the plus size curvy girl who wants to look modern and most importantly stylish.

What do you think of the looks that Refinery 29 showed?
Checkout SC's Fall looks

Floral Prints For Fall

Since floral prints are equated with being sweet and pretty a great way to toughen up a floral dress is with a cropped or motorcycle style jacket and a pair of sassy killer heels. (Click on pictures to purchase any of the items)

Capes For Fall
Capes are coming back in a major way this upcoming Fall season. We've already seen stars like Rachel Bilson rock the cape look and ASOS offers this wonderful green military style cape specifically for plus sizes. Pair it with a slouchy sweater like the one above from Dorothy Perkins and a pair of skinny jeans and tall suede boots. (Click on pictures to purchase any of the items pictured)

Lace For Fall

  Lace is a great option for evening cocktail parties and it looks like this trend will be making another appearance this Fall season
Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Word on the street is that luxury high end store Saks Fifth Avenue will be bringing back it's plus size department in a big way. This Fall/Winter season some of us curvy ladies will be able to finally get our hands on some of the most coveted designer brands like Chanel, YSL (My personal fave), Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen. Majority of these lines will be available in the industry plus size standards, which are a size 12 and 14. However, there will be brands that will carry sizes up to or even past an 18, but, we will have to just wait and see.

The insulting part of this, is, that for most items there will only be one of each size. I believe this may call for a few little cat fights. I will definitely become aggressive for a YSL suit in a size 16.
I can just imagine the snarky looks some of the Saks employees will be giving once they see curvy girls raiding the racks.

The plus size clothes will only be available in the NYC store, but, if we keep our fingers crossed maybe they will begin supplying a variety of Saks locations.

For more on the story check out the following:

The Huffington Post


The Fashion Bomb
As stores begin to roll in their back to school gear and direct your mind to what's hot for Fall, SC is still in summer mode. We have decided to do a summer's not over series where we will be bringing you some of the cutest pieces that you can still rock for summer. To kick off our series we found five of the cutest dresses under $100 to help you get through the rest of the summer looking hot and sexy.

I mean really, who is ready to rock ankle boots and a mock neck when it's still 90 degrees outside?

Five super chic dresses under $100

2. Fashion To Figure Get 15% off with code FTF15CURVE

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
When it comes to personal style sometimes our brains are trained to always reach for the same looks. I for one can attest to that. Lately, I have been thinking of new ways to get the most out of my wardrobe. As a serious magazine reader, I have such an admiration for Lucky magazine's desire to get their readers to think outside their personal style box when it comes to clothes. In the pages of Lucky mag you will see them pair a military jacket with a shift dress or a pencil skirt just to give you new ideas on how to be a little more creative with your wardrobe. One of my personal favorite bloggers Big Beautyful Mess engaged in a challenge where she recreated 30 looks from a feature in Lucky magazine where they take a few pieces and mix and match them to give you a months worth of outfits.

You've all seen this ikat print skirt before, remember I wore it with a white blazer. Well, since then I haven't worn this skirt that much and decided to dust it off. I wanted to give it a totally different look. To think outside my personal style box I remixed the skirt with this utility vest that I scored for only $14.99 at New York & Company. I don't shop there much unless it's for accessories or when they're having their 50% off everything sale, but, this vest was well worth the price. I added a wide width belt to define my waist due to the bulkiness of the vest. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome and vow to think outside the box a little more when it comes to evolving my personal style.
What I'm wearing
Skirt- Loft
Vest- NY&C
Belt- NY&C
Shoes- Kelsi Dagger
Earrings- Forever21

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Crystal Renn sits down with the Today show to explain why she looked so thin in those fashion for passion photos and why she has been losing weight. I can't say that she needs to explain herself to anyone, but, I am glad she did. I get the feeling she may still be struggling with body issues, but, doesn't that come with the modeling territory? However, she does stand firm on wanting to present a healthy body image. 

What are your thoughts on her explanation?
Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Have you checked out Mod Cloth lately? If not, you need to scurry on over to the vintage style fashion site and grab up some of the cutest little dresses that are now available in additional sizes aka plus sizes. All the items pictured go up to a size 3X. They even have some very cute Marilyn Monroe-esque halter bathing suits.

Don't miss out! Checkout ModCloth

Christina Hendricks and America Ferrara both look chic in their LBD's. Both dresses accentuate their curves in a sexy way. So, tell me, who rocks their little LBD better?

Christina or America

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today's stylish curves of the day is Ivory from LA. I spotted Ivory over on The Fashion Bomb's website after SC reader Asha tweeted me to take a look at The Bombshell of the day. (Sorry, I had to jack the bombshell of the day FB but she was just too fly of a curvy girl to pass up). After checking out Ivy's style, I knew I had to have her on Stylish Curves, so, since I am not shy, I immediately contacted her and asked her to send in her pics.

Checkout Ivy's fashion resume
Here's how Ivory says she embraces her curves:
I embrace my curves by wearing clothes that make me feel good. I strongly believe in that saying "When you look good, you feel good." Being curvy/thick/fat/voluptuous, whatever you may call it has it's fashion challenges, but I LOVE the challenge. I love when people do a double take and are "surprised" on how "well I dress". I love being curvy and honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else...
I love how Ivory embraces her curves with body con dresses. Most importantly she wears her clothes with confidence and her spirit reads, I love my body. With her bright smile Ivy wears her curves beautifully.

For more great looks, checkout Ivory on The Fashion Bomb

Thanks for submitting Ivory!

If you would like to be considered for Stylish Curves of the day, send 1-3 pics of yourself in your most stylish outfits to Please include your name, location, and a brief description on how you embrace your curves.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The lovely people at Fushia Love is giving away to one lucky Stylish Curves winner, this, Oh, so chic! black one shoulder belted dress.

Read below on how to enter

How To Enter

1. Must be a follower of Stylish Curves, via FB, Twitter, or Blogger

2. Comment with your name and email address

3. For an additional entry you can re-post this giveaway via your blog, twitter, or FB

Giveaway ends on Sunday July 25th at 11:59 PM

That's it! Good Luck!

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The Cut posted this old Lane Bryant ad on their blog.

Reading the tag line "Calling All Chubbies,"

What are your thoughts?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
During my daily Internet cruise I found a cute little site called Fushia Love that caters to the plus size curvy girl . The site offers trendy everyday and evening pieces in sizes 1X-3X as well as in sizes 14W-24W. You can expect to find cute little summer dresses, skirts, and colored skinny jeans. They even offer an impressive range of accessories too. What I like about this site so far is their choice of clothing. They're offering colorful prints, classic and trendy silhouttes, and the clothes seem young and fun without looking childish.

As a curvy girl I think that it's always great to have a new place to shop for clothes because it adds variety to your wardrobe. I love their tag line which reads "Fabulosity For The Plus Sized World"

According to the site Fushia Love is:
As a small company, we are committed to bring the vision of fabulousity to the plus size world of fashion. By understanding the needs of our customers in this forever changing time, we aim to bring an excitement to the full figured woman. Our clothes will put the omph back into sexy and erase the stigma of how a woman with curves should look. With the average woman in mind, Fushia Love wants to give you everything you’ve been longing for….Love
Checkout a few of their pieces. You can also go to FushiaLove to purchase.
What do you think about the clothes?


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