Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I just may be the only girl in the world who was not into The Hills. I just couldn't get with it. Sorry :(.  Lauren Conrad by far has been the most successful of her Hill's cast. With the exception of Whitney Port who is definitely riding her tail with positive reviews from her Whitney Eve line. Lauren seems to just be a success magnet. Can we say, NY Times Best Selling author. With the success of her LC line for Kohls Lauren is back with her new Fall collection for Kohls.

LC's style is very feminine and girlie yet casual and in her Fall 2010 collection she translates her personal style. The collection offers floaty feminine dresses, cozy sweaters, lace and chiffon tops.

The Fall collection will hit stores this September and the collection goes up to sizes XL-16. Which is in women's sizes and not juniors. It's nice to see a celeb collection that doesn't stop at a 12 and is affordable.

Are you a fan of Lauren Conrad's style and what do you think of her collection?

Please note: Pictures are from and La Viva Fashion blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

WWD has released a few pics from the Kardashian's QVC line. The K-Dash line is priced from $19.50 -$240 (The quality better be worth these prices). The line is contemporary sportswear and is set to have 31 styles. Based off  a few of the pictures I am not impressed, however some of the pieces are cute. They do look more wearable for the everyday woman who is not a reality star.

The Kardashian's, especially with Kim in the forefront are selling power houses and this collection could prove to be a win win deal for both the Kardashian's and QVC.

According to WWD Ginny Hilfiger is the designer of the line.

What are your thoughts on the looks. Sound Off!

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Last weekend I was over at Redress NYC (fave resale shop) to meet Tupieta blogger Courtney. Whenever I go into Redress I never leave empty handed. As I snacked on crackers and cheese my eyes gazed upon this beautiful multi colored skirt. It's as if the skirt was calling me. I love color and I love a lot of it. When I pulled it from the rack I immediately fell in love with it and carried it around the store with me as I continued to look around for some more treasures. I took the skirt into the fitting room with me and when I tried it on it was a perfect fit. No alterations needed.

I just knew I was going to buy it until I started second guessing myself (I hate when I do that). "Are the colors too loud?" "Are people going to think this skirt is ugly?" I even had a 10 minute conversation with one of the shop girls on what to wear it with for now and for Fall.
When I brought it home, I just felt like it was giving off a 50's vibe because of the fullness in the skirt. All I needed was a pair of ankle socks and shoes to complete the look.  I am not a fan of ankle socks and shoes, so, I wore it my way, which was to let the skirt shine on it's own. So I decided to wear it with my short sleeve ruffled front top and my pink sandals (I know ya'll are tired of seeing them,but, I just love them) and a clutch that I got from Beacons Closet on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn. I decided to wear bangles on both hands and a pair of gold earrings that I got as a gift from
When I got on the train this morning for work, I got so many compliments about the skirt and when I went out for lunch a few people stopped me to tell me how great the skirt was. One lady even asked me if it was vintage. I told her no, that the skirt was actually from Isaac Mizrahi's Target line. Her mouth fell wide open. Just think, I almost let this treasure pass me by.
If you don't know by now, ReDress NYC is such a great store and I am not just saying that because the people are so nice and helpful or because they are in the best borough in NYC, BROOKLYN. Some of my favorite vintage looking pieces are from their store.

Be sure to check them out if you haven't already ReDressNYC. This is no promo, it's simply the truth.
With the success of their BeBe line the unstoppable Kardashian sisters are set to take on another big fashion project. According to NYMAG's The Cut,  the Kardashians will be designing a clothing line specifically for QVC the most popular place for celebrities to hock their goods.

According to The Cut
Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are working on a clothing line for QVC with Mad Men's brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant. The line, which is for curvy women, is called K-Dash and will launch at FNO on September 10.

According to the New York Post
Kim yesterday complained she hadn't yet found a dress to fit her famous booty for Sunday night's Emmy's, saying, "My stylist Monica has some amazing choices . . . I haven't fit into anything yet."
Read more:

So, does this mean that curvy girls above a size 14 will be able to dress like Kardashian look a likes? I think so. Whenever designers or celebrities do a QVC or HSN line they almost always include plus sizes up to 3X. So many girls love Kim's personal style that consists of body con dresses and tailored blazers. My hope is that the clothes will be just as cute as the BeBe line and not a bunch of skimpy Play Boy Bunny looking threads? Luckily Janie Bryant is on their side to help guide the entrepreneurial sisters. I do hope the designs are fresh and not BeBe knocks offs. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

For those of you in the NYC area you will be able to get your hands on the collection at a QVC pop up store in Rockefeller Center on Fashion's Night Out. There will also be a live broadcast.

SC readers, what are your thoughts on the Kardashian clothing line. Sound off!
The Emmy's last night had more fashion dont's than do's. I was a little disappointed in some of the gown choices of my favorite celebrities. However a few curvy girls came out to represent. I am questioning Christina Hendricks choice in a lavender feathery gown but Kim and Amber rocked it out in all white dresses. Also Kaycee Stro from High School Musical looked elegant in IGIGI.

Tell SC which curvy celeb was the best dressed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today's Stylish Curves of the day is from JuJu in Brooklyn.

Heres how JuJu embraces her curves:
 I love to see when plus size women like my self embrace their curves. Some females tend to think having curves is a bad thing but not me. I love my curves and embrace it everyday when I shop I always look for clothes that I will feel comfortable in and also cute... I love when I step out and all eyes are on me.  Makes me feel so beautiful... I also love when women ask me where i get my outfit from. I love clothes from Torrid, Ashley, and Fashion to Figure. They always have clothes that are CUTE,COMFORTABLE and makes me feel CONFIDENT... The three C's I live by when getting dressed...
Well JuJu, your confidence shows in your pictures and your looks are trendy and curve embracing. I personally love that black dress and those ripped leggings. Thanks for representing the Brooklyn curvy girls.

What do you guys think of JuJu's looks?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just love when a designer thinks outside the box in terms of theme and designs. Jibri's Fall collection does just that. Titled "The Third Floor" this collection is nothing less than perfection. We all know what it's like on the lower floors in department stores like Saks, Henri Bendel, and Neiman Marcus, it's all glamour, sophistication, and pure luxury. Jibri's designer Jasmine Elder is giving us curvy girls that third floor feeling with her bold designs in rich color, texture, and fabulous structure.  What I love about Jibri's designs is that they always focus on showcasing curves instead of hiding them. Her looks are chic, sophisticated, and always has a few trendy pieces incorporated. All SC has to say is well done.

Check out Jibri's Fall 2010 collection


You can purchase the collection now at Jibri's website HERE
As a lover of fashion sometimes I am puzzled by designers who don't have plus size lines yet, especially when the designer themselves has or had a little meat on their bones, (cough, Karl Lagerfeld).
It's 2010 and plus size women are still campaigning for high end designers to make clothes for our voluptuous bodies. For years the response has been, it costs too much and plus size women don't shop. Well, I don't know about you, but, there is one thing I know about a plus size woman who loves to look good, she will spend money on clothes that are luxurious and made well. The plus size industry is a billion dollar a year business, so, that says to me, a plus size woman loves to shop.

As Fashion Week is nearing I thought about some of my favorite designers who have yet to do a full fledged plus line or even add additional sizes above a size 14. The four designers I chose are Tracy Reese, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Oscar De La Renta.
Tracy Reese

 The first time I saw Tracy Reese designs was back in 2006. I was mesmerized by her use of prints and fabrics. Everything was so girlie and colorful, it looked as if you were going to a tea party a la Alice in Wonderland. Tracy Reese herself is a curvy girl with her pear shaped frame. Which was surprising to me that her sizes stopped at a 12. Every year I hoped that I was going to read a press release that she would be going plus. The closest she came to going plus is when she partnered with Lucky and HSN for a designer capsule collection and all of the pieces went up to a size 3X. Tracy's designs are perfect for a plus size woman because when it comes to her dresses they are almost always cut fuller at the bottom and fitted at the top or if she does a body con dress it is never super tight it skims the body while showcasing your curves. I have to admit that some of the models that she uses never quite fill out the dresses properly. I'm always saying she needs a curvy girl on that runway to showcase her designs better.

Diane Von Furstenberg
Seriously, Diane is missing out on mega bucks. She is credited with inventing one of the most flattering dresses in the world. Every curvy girl loves themselves a good wrap dress and Diane is Queen of the wrap dresses. Her prints are bold and her style is sweet and feminine. She also makes some amazing blazers and skirts. Diane's designs would be perfect for the over 25 curvy girls who want that young polished look. Right now, Diane does go up to a size 14 in some of her pieces, but, I would put money on it that if she created a plus line that her profits would sky rocket.

Valentino's designs give off a sophisticated sexy feel. He does ruffles and lace like no other. His clothes are dainty, feminine, and innovative. If Valentino had a plus size line it would be geared toward the curvy woman who wants to look classy and chic. A tailor is a curvy girl's best friend and Valentino's designs are impeccable when it comes to fit and it would give the plus woman that tailored look to show off her curves.
Oscar De La Renta
Oh Oscar! there is just so much to say about his gowns. Oprah said herself that if she were to get married, he would be her go to designer for a wedding gown. Every curvy girl no matter their style at some point in their lives wants to look and feel glamorous. Oscar is the man for the job. His designs are curve skimming and have that old Hollywood glamour.  A few years back Oscar did have a bridge line in plus sizes, but, I don't think many people knew about it and now it no longer exists. I myself did purchase a beautiful printed full skirt from Filenes when the line was out and I would always get compliments on it. I also felt a sense of pride when people would say where did you get that from and I would reply, Oscar De La Renta. Oscar designs would be great for a plus size woman because they are bold, elegant, and would hug our curves just right.

What other designers would you like to see go plus?

All photos: NY MAG

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It's only Tuesday and I am already tired and slightly stressed out from work. At least I have going to Baltimore this weekend to look forward to.  The weather has done a 180 and it's a bit chilly in NYC. I must admit that I was a little glad about it because it gave me a chance to wear my new striped blazer.
I got this blazer as a gift from Jessica London for attending their blogger conference (post to come later about that). As always I have to keep it real with you. I have never shopped at Jessica London because I thought they were for the more mature crowd who likes ribbed turtlenecks in every color in the crayon box.
I was attending the conference for another blog, but, as always, I am open minded to companies who want to make better clothes for the plus size community and understand our fashionable needs. After the conference was over, the group of bloggers who attended were told that we could order anything we wanted from the Fall catalogue. I was skeptical because once again, their past collections were not my taste or for my age group ( So, I thought). Since I'm in that age group where I am not 21 anymore but I'm not 40 either, I am very careful about the pieces I choose, because I want to look my age.
While, I do not like everything from Jessica London, I did find a couple of nice pieces (like this blazer) that I can work into my wardrobe. The stripes and side paneling of polka dots is what drew me to this blazer. When I first saw it in their catalogue, I was like no, this is not going to work, but, then I stared at it and said, why not give it a try. It reminded me of the old Ralph Lauren striped blazers.

To make it fit my style, I am wearing it with skinny black jeans, my pink gladiator sandals, and a basic v-neck tee. I chose a charm necklace to make the look a little more interesting. This weekend I am going to take the blazer to the tailor and have him take it in a little bit on the sides and in the arms for a fitted look. I will rock the blazer again with a mini pencil skirt to switch it up.

As Tim Gunn always says, sometimes you have to make things work. I rolled up the sleeves and popped the collar to add a little flavor to the blazer.

What do you guys think about the blazer?

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer-Jessica London
Skinny Jeans-ASOS
T-shirt-Old Navy
Shoes- Mixx Schuz
In this round of Curvy Girl Style Battle Kim Kardashian is bringing the heat in a curve hugging peach and gray strapless dress while promoting her new perfume and America Ferrara is keeping things bright and chic in a one shoulder Catherine Malandrino side draped dress at the screening of Dry Land.

You vote who's look is the best

Kim Kardashian


America Ferrara


Monday, August 23, 2010

Despite weight controversy Crystal Renn is still the reigning plus size model who is breaking barriers and has shattered that glass ceiling for plus size models. If you are not a fan, you have to give credit where credit is due. One of the most coveted design houses to get an ad campaign with is Chanel and Crystal can now cross that goal off her list. Crystal is the face of one of Chanel's Fall 2010 ad campaigns and as usual she looks beautiful.

However, one does have to ask the question, is old Lagerfeld changing his mind about the curvy girl? Or is he only trying to incorporate us because of all the buzz curvy girls are receiving in fashion right now? I for one will not get my hopes up until I see sizes 16+ under the Chanel tag in his designs.

What are your thoughts on Crystal's Chanel ad?
Hey curvy girls all over the world,
If you have dived into any of your September magazine issues then you already know that one of the hottest trends this Fall season will be military inspired pieces. SC loves this trend because it reminds me of being in ROTC back in high school. A few of us used to wear our pea coats on our off days because they were just that cute. Now that times have changed a better way to incorporate the military trend into your wardrobe is by pairing a military style trench or cropped jacket over a frilly or girlie dress.

An array of plus size lines are making sure that they incorporate this trend for their curvy customer. SC is in love with ASOS's military style cape and  we love CJ by Cookie Johnson's silk cargo pants. If you are looking to wake up your wardrobe a little bit or just to find a new way to wear some of your basic pieces, a military style sweater or jacket will do the trick.

1. Michael Kors Belted Dress
2. Nine West Camo purse
3. Guess by Marciano Gladiator sandals
4. ASOS Cape
5. Loft Twill Cropped Military Jacket
6. Style & Co double breasted military sweater
7. CJ by Cookie Johnson's Cargo Pants
8. Dorothy Perkins Camel Military Dress

If you are a fan of Ashley Stewart then you'll probably be excited about their new denim line. Last week SC stopped by the Ashley Stewart denim bar at the Ace Hotel to checkout their new line of denim. I am a skeptic when it comes to Ashley Stewart's denim because sometimes the jeans can come off cheap looking or just a tad too trendy for my taste. However, that's not say that you can't find a good pair of jeans in the store.

Their new line is made up of four collections which consists of Premium denim, Novelty, 5 Pocket (which comes in petite, average, and tall), and jeggings.

The new collection offered a variety of styles. There were looks for the trendy curvy girl who likes her denim ripped and ruched and if you like your denim dark and classic then the 5 pocket collection will appeal to you. I was not sold on some of the back pocket designs or the animal print front pocket designs, but, I was definitely feeling the wide leg tie waist jeans and the moto cross light wash jeans. 

Jean sizes range from sizes 12-26 with the exception of the jeggings which go up to a size 24. Ashley Stewart's new denim line is priced from $29-$59. 

Check the new line out for yourself and tell SC what you think.

Premium Denim

Novelty Denim

5 Pocket Denim


Models in the new AS denim line

They also had this cute faux leather and fur zippered vest which I thought was cute.


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