Sunday, January 23, 2011


 This weekend I wanted to keep things casual but still look put together. I decided to pull out my Calvin Klein waterfall animal print cardigan that I got on sale at Lord and Taylor last week. The cardigan is actually a little too big but it's nothing that a belt couldn't fix. I layered a black turtleneck under it so that I would stay warm. As I said last year, Calvin Klein's fall 2010 collection was one of my favorites. It was perfect cuts and prints that any curvy girl would want to wear young or mature.
The cardigan is very versatile. It looks just as good open as it does closed. I will be wearing it to work this week over one of my dresses.
I am a crazy earring fanatic. I love big earrings or earrings with unique detail. I scored these earrings at Strawberry's and I love the onyx stone and the draped chains around it.

What I'm wearing
Cardigan-Calvin Klein


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This is a great of the cutest I have seen this season. But those red shoes...amazing!!

She's Dressing Up said...

Oh my goodness, amazing cardigan! Love the pop of red in the shoes too :)

The Merry Traveller said...

I like the red pumps! Is that a snakeskin design on your cardigan? Hahah coincidentally today I am wearing the same colour combination - grey, red and black! I've also been thinking how chic your hairstyle is cos you always look polished!

Jeniese said...

Very cute cardi! Love how you pared it with the red pumps.

The Notorious ZAG said...

Those red pumps are the business... I've noticed that I always love your shoes!! These pumps add some oomph to your monotone outfit. I love it, so 2011Cruella DeVil!!

Anonymous said...

Great piece (the Calvin Klein cardigan/wrap)!!!! It looks so comfortable and what I love the most- is that it's versatile! You can style it with a belt, without one, jeans, slacks, pumps or flats. The is a 'Must-Have' piece for your closet, just like that LBD.

Savonne said...

@The Merrytraveler- Yes it's snakeskin print. Thanks for the hair compliment.

@notorious ZAG-LOL! I didn't even think about that, but, it's so true. this look does remind you of Cruella Devil.

stylishous said...

I really like the pop of red you added with the shoes!

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