Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This year fashion week has been crazy. Yesterday I checked out the Boy Meets Girl show at the Metropolitan Pavilion. I had to take my outfit pics in the morning because I didn't want to lug my tripod around with me and sometimes asking random people to take your photo is a bit awkward, especially when they give you a little attitude or they just take a crappy photo.

I wanted my look to say magazine editor. I feel like when magazine editors sit front row at fashion week they always wear black and they rock a cool jacket for a chic look. They also almost always have on a pair of super high heels. So, that's the look I went for.

I'm wearing my tweed jacket from the GAP (which is still available) and my absolute favorite skirt of the moment, a leather skirt that was gifted to me from Jessica London (yes, you heard right. And you will see more of this skirt) which is still available,  a sheer ruffled front blouse from Norma Kamali at Walmart, and my score of the month, a pair of Steve Madden suede blush pumps that I got at Century 21 for $17.49  .  My shades are from Forever21, watch from Guess (I love big man watches), and pearl necklace from American Eagle (gifted).

Check back this week for reviews on Boy Meets Girl, Farah Agsana, and Joy Cioci.


juliette said...

Great outfit! What brand is the beld and where did you get it? I'm always on the hunt for great plus size leather belts and they are very hard to find - Talbots seems to be the only reliable source. My current desire is a black leather belt, 2 to 3 inches wide with a gold buckle, size 20. Sigh.

NikStar said...

You definitely nailed the "magazine editor" look!

DonnaSturge said...

I love your shoes... they're fabulous!! x

Alissa said...

@Juliette- Believe or not, but I get all my belts from New York and Company whenever they have a sale. The XL fits good for me, some belts are even a large.


@Donna-Thank you

stylishous said...

You definitely nailed the look you were going for. Very nice! And I like the touck of pink on the lips to spice it up.

Anonymous said...

Very nice look!! You look, to me, like an African-American Anna Wintour! I love every piece especially the leather skirt!! I usually admire them from a distance since my unique shape dose not agree with the fit. However, you have inspired me to go back out in the retail jungle & try on some leather skirts (Thanks!!)! I hope I finally find a good fit & I hope it will last in my closet!

Also, you caught me off guard with the blush-toned shoes paired with such a black-gray-white outfit. Who knew that blush-toned shoes would work?? Wow!! It's like, expect the unexpected with fashion! I can't wait to duplicate this look!!

Jeniese said...

Sooo cute so chic! Love idea of an editor look!!! Yeah for being skirt twins!!!

asha said...

nailed it! what's the name of your magazine? lol

slave2leather said...

Savonne, you look classy and sexy in a leather skirt. I would love to see more posts.

Fatima, I strongly encourage you to buy a leather skirt and post some pics please.

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