Friday, March 25, 2011


Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson gets all spring like on the cover of Heart & Souls April issue. Chandra wore an electric pink ruffled frock by Donna Morgan for the cover shot. We're all big fans of  the actress and love that the show allows this curvy girl to get all the cute guys. It's also always nice to see a fellow curvy girl snag the cover

Is she working her cover look?


s.a.i.m.e said...

love it :D

juliette said...

She looks AMAZING - I've always liked her but we don't get to see her out and about that much. I'll stop and get this one on the way home, thanks for the head's up!

Its What I Do said...

she is definitely working her cover...scrubs don't do anyone justice!

ShoeJunkie said...

Chandra looks fantastic....but that dress looks cheap. The color is great but the style is dated and the belt does nothing for it. Look at the photos of Amber Riley from her Essence spread and compare it to this--no comparison.
To be quite honest, this dress also looks like it should be worn by someone in high school.

I'm all for giving credit where credit is due, but this is definitely unimpressive for a professional cover shot.

asha said...

i feel where you're coming from shoeejunkie but i think the difference in styling is because one magazine focuses on fashion and the other on health.

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