Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The shop like a fashion editor challenge is proving to be quite challenging. I've already gone over my $100 budget for the month. I'm so use to just buying without any thought process. When I see something I like I just buy it. Now, I have to make very wise decisions because I know I'm working with limited funds. Yesterday, I was all ready to hit up the Lord and Taylor shoe sale and I had to stop myself because I knew I would have left with more than one pair which could have blown my $400 budget. Instead I decided to think about the strategy I had for creating the spring wardrobe that I wanted. I was glad I had the power to stop myself.

This challenge is teaching me to be more particular when it comes to shopping. Being choosy about my purchases allows me to be creative with my wardrobe and infuse it with pieces that will make it unique as well as timeless. Having a plan is great too because it allows you to get the most out of the pieces you already own.

For March I wanted to incorporate trendy pieces as well as printed pieces. My eye is naturally drawn to leopard print and stripes so I figured the striped Faith 21 dress (sold out online) would go well with a cropped jacket and heels and the Loft floral print flutter sleeve dress is perfect for work and church. I'm looking forward to rocking the Norma Kamali leopard print sheath dress with a sleeveless draped vest and wide belt. City Chic's animal print harem pants fit very well and are a fun trendy piece to wear on the weekends. The Forever 21 leaf earrings and H&M straw fedora will be personal touches to other pieces in my wardrobe.

Check back on April 1st to see what looks and trends I will be looking to add.

Go HERE to read all about the Shop Like A Fashion Editor Challenge.


~L~ of Avid Accents said...

i love each and every piece up there. especially the norma k dress. wardrobes challenges are hard but you learn so much from them. keep it up!

ShoeJunkie said...

Hey Alissa,

Could you do an OOTD post with the Norma Kamali dress? I bought (and quickly returned) the bat wing dress ( ) because it was so ill-fitting but I'm curious to see how the sheath dress would look on a curvy figure.

Thanks if you can, no problem if you can't.

Ex FatGurl said...

Hey, stumbled upon your blog and I must say I am very much loving the content.

Good luck on your challenge, I too have a habit of "throwing it in the bag" just I don't have Fab's money!


Veronica said...

I have the striped dress and I absolutely love it. It's so transitional I've worn it dressed down with flats and jazzed it up with sky wedges and a blazer. I've been thinking about the Norma Kamali sheath; can't wait to see how you rock it!!

xoxokeyanna said...

I searched for the city chic harems and they were $46. Did you find them cheaper on a different site?

Alissa said...

Thanks Guys.

@shoejunkie- It is a very fitted dress. Spanx are definitely needed. I got the straight size and kind of wish that I would have gotten the plus size sheath. I wanted to return mine, but, I was too lazy. If you read Bella Styles blog you can see how it looks. Since it's still winter here, I'm probably not going to wear it until it gets a little warmer. I didn't like how it looked with stockings.

Here's the link to Bella's blog

@XOXOKeyanna- I got them for $18 when City Chic had their 60% off sale about 2 weeks ago.

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