Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world, There were tons of events over the weekend that brought out some of our favorite curvy celebs. Let's checkout who was working it and who was, well, NOT.

Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez was spotted at the Broadway debut of How To Succeed in business without really trying. It was nice to see Sara all dolled up and looking cute in a black one shoulder layered ruffled dress.

I know some die hard J Hud fans miss her bountiful curves, but you must admit that her style has improved to the 10th power. Although she lost a lot of weight, this outfit shows that Jennifer still has her curves. The only issue with this look is that it seems like she's missing her shirt. The bustier style corset looks more like an all in one girdle rather than a sexy top. What do you think?

Niecey Nash wore a pink and black printed wrap dress with black t-strap shoes. While I'm loving the color and overall look of the dress, I'm not too fond of the print. What do you think?

The lovely Chrisette Michelle rocks a cute casual look and shows off a new wild and bold do. Are you feeling her new look?

Former Huge star Hayley Hasselhoff was spotted at the premiere of HOP in a printed top, tan skirt, and orange belt.  Is she working this look?

Which curvy celebrity had the best look?



~L~ of Avid Accents said...

yeah i love jennifer hudson but her shirt forgot to take it's rightful place in this outfit.

oh and love the new banner Alissa.

Monique said...

I also love Jennifer Hudson, but she's lost more than a "few" pounds. She's lost over 60 lbs and even her hubby stated he misses her curves. I hope she stays healthy and doesn't go too far. But, I do have to agree that it looks like she's missing her shirt. LOL :)

The Notorious ZAG said...

your new banner is FLAWLESS! my favorite look is chrisette michele... probably because of the hair, as i am a big fan of big hair. i didn't even recognize her! i also really like what she's wearing; its more my taste than any of the other looks on here. i honestly think j.hud could stand to maybe put on 10 lbs. every one doesn't carry "rail thin" very well.. she looks sickly to me :/

Savonne said...


@Monique-You're absolutely right, it is definitely more than a few pounds.

@Notorious ZAG- Thanks! I think she's getting bobble head status like Star Jones.

The Dumpy Duchess said...

Alissa! Love the new layout babe! You used one of my fav pics of you and it looks great! My fav look is Chrisette's big hair. I rock big hair myself so I love it when celebs do it. That jacket is super cute too!

asha said...

my favorite look is sara's. i love the side-swept, old-school, glamour waves and the sideward bows that make up the ruffles. your critique of jennifer's outfit is spot on but i would add that i didn't like her shoes with that skirt. i didn't mind the print of niecy's dress but she should have worn some other colored shoes or even strappy black shoes. the shoes she wore looked like hooves. chrisette's outfit was cute but her hair could've been better. the texture was not well-defined and looked kind of cheap. a better quality hair would've made all the difference. hayley looks nice. i like her pops of color (lip and belt) on an otherwise safe look.

Cara said...

oh ms michelle looks fab so is hayley :) I was never a fan of j. huds but i like her skirt pink is one of my fav colors maybe thats why,I do think she has a nice bod though.

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