Friday, April 29, 2011


Gabourey Sidibe stepped out this week in a bright red dress for the screening of the movie Thor. It looks like Gabourey is wearing Torrid's red pleated short sleeve dress. This is one of the better dressy casual looks that Gabourey has worn in awhile.

 From the cut of the dress to her suede red pumps, and even to the coy flirty smile she's giving, Gabourey looks pulled together. This is definitely one of her better looks.

Checkout the Torrid Dress which is on clearance for $39.98

Tell SC do you agree that Gabby is working it or is it back to the drawing board for this curvy girl.


Ruby Leonne said...

Thank you Gabby's stylist! This look is better than what she's come up with in the past. AND is she losing weight? Bravo Gabby!!

ChaCha said...

this look is ok. not awesome but ok :)

Savonne said...

@ChaCha-I can agree, not awesome, however it's much better than previous outfits.

The Notorious ZAG said...

She should've done some leopard print pumps and some gold jewelry. But at least its not one of those grandma garbs we've seen her in in the past.

5th Avenue Stranger said...

I agree as well this is just Ok ,, but way better than some other stuff i've seen her in,, and she really does look as if she has lost some weight.... the dress is really nice actually...

juliette said...

I think she looks cute and her AGE for a change. I can't imagine the pressure she must be under to lose weight and hide herself, so very sad. I would love to see her rock some Monif C or Damn You Alexis - Alissa have you offered your stylist services yet?!

Anonymous said...

It's not bad. I like the color and shoes, and her jewelry. And she does seem somewhat smaller.

Jayla said...

she looks like she has droppeeeed som weight. She looks good but i dont think the oufit was that great she should have done print hosiery and a diff color heel to make it pop!


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