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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Today we have a guest post from fellow fashion blogger, the beautiful Bella of Bella Style's blog. Bella is the go to person when it comes to wearing the right foundations under your clothes. As curvy women no matter how much we may hate to wear things that hold us up and in, sometimes it's a necessary thing. I for one, don't always wear foundations. I hate to feel restricted, plus they are annoying to take off when you have to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, they are necessary. I reached out to Bella to give us her picks for the best foundations and what to wear them under.

Here's Bella:

Today I'd like to thank Alissa for asking me to do a special guest post here on her blog. Alissa and many other readers who follow my blog know that I am a stickler when it comes to curvy ladies wearing the proper foundations. Even before Oprah made a spectacle about women wearing the right bra size, I have always felt strongly about this subject. I learned as a young girl to wear your girdles, slips and full-support bras even if most think it's old-ladyish. So today I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite undergarment items that I personally wear and that have great support for the curvy body:

The Body Magic

This has become one of my all time favorites because it give great back support and actually lifts the buttocks area and smooths the tummy. You may need help putting it on the first few times but now I have it down pack and on in less that 3 minutes. Price up to $200. Purchase at Full review here: You would wear the Body Magic under a dress such as this below:

The Miracle Suit
Now I was wearing this miraclesuit in both the ling-leg and body briefer styles before I got hooked on the Body Magic. This garment is good because it's easy to put on and smooths under a dress any flaws that you may have. Price $62 at Macy's. This is perfect to wear with a garment such as the jumpsuit below:

The Caberet Bra
I was introduced to this line of bras a few years back while getting a bra fitting during one of Dillard's specials. It has great support for full breast and goes up to cup sizes of H. They retail for $26 but go on sale for $15 during the Dillard's semi-annual sales. Check out a few here

You will need a full support bra like this with a maxi dress:

Lastly is the Skineez brand of a thigh slimmer briefer.
The Skineez Thigh Slimmer Kit contains a high quality, moderate compression seamless undergarment that focuses on slimming, toning, and smoothing from just above the waist to above the knee. Embedded in the fabric are tiny time-released microcapsules containing naturally derived vitamins, antioxidants and cosmetic ingredients, all working to combat aging and skin damage and they last up to ten washes. It retails for $68 at My Full review of this product is here: Wear the Skineez under a form fitting dress or pants for a sleek effect under your clothing:
Thanks so much Bella for your tips. For more foundation tips and hot fashion be sure to check out Bella's blog at


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