Monday, June 27, 2011


Jill Scott was spotted at the BET Awards Pre show in an all black spandex ensemble. Is she working it or is it back to the drawing board for this curvy girl?



L of A2Style Boutique said...

i love Jilly from Philly but i was not expecting those leggings with the glamorous top half.

Anonymous said...

They are forever styling Jill in some flowy goddess get-up, which I love, too, but it's nice to see her in something sleek and edgy. I think she lots hawt!

The Notorious ZAG said...

I'm usually with it, but I don't like this. Something about it is off and I can't quite pin point it. But I still love me some Jilly Jill!

Cid Style File said...

Jill Scott looks great, her body is amazing. Over all I like the look and shape of this oufit,it hugs her curves right. What i am not loving is the spandex shiny thing she is wearing. I think it would have look better and more modern it wasn't so shiny. Kinda looks a bit tacky. just my

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

I think those leggings needed a longer jacket and one with just a smidge more coverage. I admire her for being willing to show her curves, but maybe not in quite that way!

Dressing My Truth

J'Anns Boutique said...

I love me some Jill scott, but I think she could have really up'd the interest on the top. Love the hair though...very edgy like the shiny leggings :-)

A Girl's Next Best Friend

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