Friday, June 24, 2011


Can I just say how happy I am for the beautiful curvy woman that is Jill Scott. She's taken a 4 year hiatus from music and is coming back stronger than ever. Not only has Jill garnered attention and fan love for her new CD "Light of The Sun" Miss Scott is also commanding major magazine covers. Her newest cover is Billboard magazine. Jill looks stunning on the cover of Billboard magazine with dark dramatic eyes and crimson lips. Her cover shot is just as spellbinding as her music.

We are truly loving the new sexy, fun, and fearless Jill Scott. We can't wait to read what this dynamic woman has to say. Go Jill, let your light shine.


Rhapso_DY said...

She looks so beautiful!

I wanna be fierce said...


Monique said...

Hot mama!!

asha said...

jill scott looks gorgeous! i am so happy that she has strong promotion behind her now. jill scott didn't just get fabulous with this new album or the weight loss. it's about time other people recognized it.

Katie Mac said...

Love her!

juliette said...

"...jill scott didn't just get fabulous.." Amen amen, amen again.


She looks amazing!! I thought it was Janet at 1st glance! Kiah

Vivi said...

Jill Scott is so effin' gorgeous! Grrr. lolol. And she did an amazing job with her performance on the BET Awards last night.

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