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As much as I love Kimora Lee's over the top personality and her eye for fashion, I was often times disappointed with the Baby Phat line. When Baby Phat first hit the scene every cutie with a booty was trying to get a pair of those jeans with the cat on the back pocket. I can admit that I was one of those girls too and just like all the celebrity's and fashion insiders I was always dying to see the Baby Phat show at Mercedes Benz fashion week. Kimora always had the best looking and ethnically diverse models and of course the music was always pumping.

With the exception of Ashley Stewart Baby Phat was the only other place a young plus size girl could get trendy looks in her size. However, for some reason, I never felt like the clothes on the runway translated well to what was being sold in the stores. Baby Phat has always catered to the urban community. It tried to blend street style with catwalk style. In the beginning it was doing a very good job, but over the years they started to fall a little short. You could barely find everyday wear that didn't have the cat logo on it. Just about every piece was something that should have only been worn after 11pm. My problem  with that was so many young girls was wearing these pieces that were a little too sexy for them and some pieces lacked a little sophisticated edge for the mid 20's to early 30's crowd.

Back in the 90's it was considered hot to have logo's all over your clothes. Depending on the logos, it showed that you had money or style. As times changed, people no longer wanted to be a walking billboard and started buying brands that took a sutler approach. I think this is one of the reasons Sean John was so popular.

A few months ago on Twitter we all found out that Kimora was no longer with Baby Phat. While there still is no real explanation as to why Kimora parted ways everyone was wondering what was going to happen to the brand.

Everyday I get tons of press releases from PR agencies trying to promote everything from skincare products to shoes. I also get tons of press releases of agencies telling me about a celebrity spotted wearing one of their clients clothes. Often times the clothes are not plus.
For the past couple of weeks I've been receiving press releases about celebrities like Maria Menounos and AnnaLynn McCord all rocking Baby Phat. At first I didn't pay any attention to it because I thought they would be wearing the same old tacky club wear designs. Well, this week I actually opened up the emails and to my surprise the clothes were actually cute and the cat logo was nowhere in plain sight to be found.

A number of pieces have sleeker flattering silhouettes, while keeping up with current trends. In true Baby Phat fashion the colors remain bold and bright. So far, the styles are more universal and less, lets hit the club tonight. In a ll honesty I would like to see a few more classic styles with a twist. For instance why not do a pencil skirt or a cool trench, and maybe can the ruched tops and actually design tops that have interesting details. Just a thought.

After cruising the site I kept thinking to myself, could Baby Phat be turning over a new leaf? Are the days of outrageously logo tees and tacky club wear designs gone? Is the brand in trouble and are they trying to appeal to a new audience? I don't know, but, I have to say, not all, but some of the styles look soooooooooooo much better. Yes, they still have the polyester and spandex blends and they're still offering way too many ruched pieces, but I can tell that they are trying to leave behind the old look.

I also noticed that they're even using better models. For the website, they've tapped ANTM alum Latina beauty Diana Hernandez to model some of their looks. The new styles are definitely a transformation from the old ones. I am curious to see where the brand is heading.

For more looks checkout

What are your thoughts on the new styles for plus sizes?


Sara Bartlett said...

BabyPhat jeans were the very first that actually fit and flattered my much so that I was willing to overlook the crazy cat logo. I'm excited to see what's in store for them, now!

BlkQueen said...

Babyphat has always has tons of cute clothes without the logo on it....Just look at for the gorgeous dresses and prints. Its nothing new

Savonne said...

@blkqueen-I am an avid Macy's shopper and can probably count on my hands how many pieces didn't have the cat logo. The new dresses at Macy's are part of the new styles. Since the 90's that logo has been plastered on just about all Baby hat's clothes. The styles they are offering now were not looking like this this 3 years ago.

BlkQueen said... Because macys has pulled many brands such as BP, Dereon, Applebottoms, Enyce etc from their physical stores at least 4 years ago. They have always had a surplus of these brands however online. Ive always seen in the Jnrs/Jnrs Plus many dresses from these brands without the logo. They also had Kimora's couture line on as well

Alissa said...

I never really checked for BP on MAcy' because I just wasn't a fan of the line. The Macy's on 34th have always had a pretty large section for all the urban brands.

I know they had a few pieces without the logo, but my point is I really wasn't a fan of the styles. Actually I talked about the logo last year in this post if you want to check it out

Whenever I found something that was cute the big cat logo was on it. However the couture line was a lot better.

Leslie said...

I was just on their site looking for that lavender dress that you have in the collage. I do not see it, and I am about to break out a serious pout. Where'd you find it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

You can purchase the dress here De Violet

Happy Shopping!

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