Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
This summer I have been living in two items, a heart printed romper I bought from Forever 21 and these zebra print harem pants from City Chic. I bought these harem pants when City Chic had their first ever 60% off everything sale. On the weekends I wear them with tanks to the grocery store or while doing the laundry. They are super comfortable and easy to move around in. When they get old and faded I will be using them as pajama's (don't judge me).

The other day I decided to actually dress them up a little. When it comes to putting my personal looks together, I love mixing classic pieces with trendy styles which is why I chose to wear my classic white no iron easy care classic button up shirt from Jones New York. Seriously, this is one of the best button up shirts I've ever had.  It manages to always look sharp and crisp and even with my size F chest it doesn't gap in between the buttons.

I punched up the outfit by wearing my Guess big face watch, my large hoop link earrings and silver bangles from Ashley Stewart. To add a little color I wore my blush suede Steve Madden platforms and like a true New York City Girl, an over sized bag is key for completing a city girl chic look. So, I rocked one of my favorite bags from LOFT.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!! I'm a curvy girl and I would rock this too!!!

Nikka Shae

olivia said...

love the outfit! you look smoking hot!

Inez of Style Chic 360 said...

You look amazing! I wish I would have bought some things during that sale! I have to stay up on it!

I also need to check out that top I have on a white button up today and it is sooo wrinkled. lol

Savonne said...

Thanks ladies.

@Inez-I was surprised too at the way the this shirt fit.

Full Figured Diva said... look GREAT! Those pants are tha biz-nezz! Love em! When you're done with them..purrr-ty please send them my way (lol)


back2relaxed said...

I love this look. I have a few pairs of harems and I love them, never thought to wear them with button down! Very classy.

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Sara Bartlett said...

Ahahaha- I had to laugh when my post that included harem pants coincided with you completely rocking them. :) You look great, Alissa.

wait until the sunset said...

Heya hot stuff!!!!!! You look AMAZING in those pants!

Alissa said...

@Sara-It is kind of odd that our posts were somewhat in sync. I do hear you on some of these trends. Thanks for the compliment.

@wait until Sunset-Thanks so much.

Rhapso_DY said...

I'm gonna need to negotiate swapping my purple pants for these. Thanks! Even though you look great in them, I'm going to have to have those. LOL!

Alissa said...

@danielle-I am down for swapping because I wanted to steal those purple pants the first time I saw you try them on. So let me know where I should send them.

Kerissa said...

And you dressed them to darling! What I love so much about you is the confidence that tops off every look! I own at least 4 button up white shirts. They do with everything, lol.

Alissa said...

@Kerissa-Thanks so much. I am a big fan of white shirts Every year I get atleast 3 new ones. This year I am looking for a ruffled long sleeve one. Pirate style.

LaToya said...

This look just screams chic. You have amazing style Alissa!!

Savonne said...

@latoya-Thanks so much.

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