Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I don't know whether to praise American Apparel or throw them a side eye. I want to praise them for their Next Big Thing Contest where they are looking for curvy women to model their best-selling Disco Pant and 10 other styles that are available in size XL. On the other hand I want to give them a side eye and throw a little shade because back in May of 2010 American Apparel found themselves in the midst of controversy when plus-size adult star April Flores asked an American Apparel showroom rep if they’d ever make plus-size clothing. The representative replied, “That’s not our demographic.” Read about it here.

I know the contest doesn't use the word plus size, but the contest submissions clearly show curvy plus size women entering. Is American Apparel changing their tune?  Are they trying to make plus sizes part of their demographic now?

What do you guys think about this?


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I don't think "XL" counts as pus-size - and if it does, it's the verrrrry fringes of plus-size. If they were selling sizes 16-22? That'd be plus-sized, & then I'd find this laudable. And even then, I doubt I'd shop AA - they're just too notoriously shady for my business.

~Shay~ said...

I actually entered this contest, and at first I was excited but then like a day a later my excitement wore off. But i still thing the young women that have entered are beautiful, and whoever wins will represent us quite well. when I first heard about it i thought 'yay American AppareL' at least they're trying. there are some stores that won't even touch plus size or if they do, its only online, like they dont want us in their stores!


Anonymous said...

Are AA changing their opinion? Only because it might increase their profit margin.

They've taken note of the recent trend and upsurge in the plus size market and clearly want a piece of that pie.

Cynical? Moi? Never.

NJchic said...

The only reason American Apparel is adding "plus size" is because they are in financial trouble and aren't as popular as they once were with their intended "demographic."

Bombshell Beauty said...

They get the full-on stink eye from me. Not only are their business practices disgusting, in general, but pandering to plus size like this is lame. XL isn't even widely accepted as plus size these days.

Pia Ghosh said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice try. Dov Charney all of a sudden wants a piece of the pie! He's "graced" us with ten new XL pieces, how nice. The good news is, he will likely continue sexually harassing his "key demographic" employees, as he's no "fan of full-sized fannies."

ChristinaZ said...

I agree with what the other ladies on here have said: XL isn't exactly "plus-size". Besides, have you tried on AA "XL"? My thin sister, a size 4/6, can wear AA sizes M & L, so how far of a jump is that size XL, really? They have always had options in XL so I don't really think they deserve a round off applause for pretending like they are now expanding and reaching out to new customers. When AA creates a line of FLATTERING (let's be real, some of their 80's inspired clothing is so awful that it was heinous even in the 80's) clothing in XXL and beyond, I might give them a second look.

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