Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The lookbook for Jennifer Lopez's line for Kohls has been released and we are quite impressed. J. Lo is no stranger to creating clothing lines. Back in the early 90's her urban street style line J. Lo was popular in the beginning but quickly lost it's thunder due to unrealistic and sometimes tacky styles for young girls. When she decided to let that line go, she came back with Sweet Face which we thought was more true to J. Lo's stage and everyday life style. The line actually received rave reviews from fashion critics. We were quite skeptical when we heard she and Marc Anthony were doing a line for Kohls. J. Lo has amazing unapologetic style that captivates her fans and critics. However, like most celebrity designers, what they create for their clothing line never seems to quite live up to their own personal styles. To be honest, that's what people want from celebrity lines. They want the chance to wear something that that celebrity would wear. The celebrity turned designer exception to this is Gwen Stefani. Lamb is all about her personal style.

After seeing a few pictures from the lookbook, we are kind of excited about the line. I think out of all her clothing lines this really speaks to J. Lo's current style whether she's on the red carpet or just going to lunch. The dresses are sexy and curve skimming and have a bit of elegance to them. The tops are shiny and well tailored. There is a casual glamorous feel to her Kohls collection. These outfits really look like something Jennifer would wear, even the way they are styled looks the way we would see her waring it in a paparazzi photo.

The line is affordable. We're hoping that she goes above a size 14. Even Vera Wang's line went to at least a size 16. I think when designers and celebrities do these lower priced lines it should be the perfect time to experiment with making plus sizes. Even going up to an 18 would be nice.

The collection also includes home, shoes, accessories, and intimates. Check out more looks over at InStyle

The collection will hit stores in September 7th. For more information check out

Checkout Jennifer Lopez summer 2012 looks
Tell us what you think of the collection.


Anishea said...

I am loving the line. Jenny from the block is back but... She is giving the CLassy swagger :-)

LA Lynn's said...

I am STILL a fan of J Lo!!!! Glad to see her making a comeback...

natasha said...

I do love the collection, but the prices r not gonna be that cheap, in the hunderds is what i read, except the jewelry!

Shante said...

Hopefully the collection isn't too heavy on the pocket and goes into the plus sizes!

Mom said...

I like! Everything.

natasha said...

It goes to size XL or 16 the biggest!

Caprece said...

I'm impressed by the looks, there are some pieces in there I would definitely wear.

Jessica Kane said...

I'm surprised how UNcurvy the models are, considering it's JLO?!!!

But, still love the inspiration. Thanks girl!!!

ps - see you in sept issue of! woop!

Jessica Kane

Anonymous said...

I want to know what the hell is going on with the art direction on this campaign. What's with the giant heads and big feet? Are they trying to get a cute cartoony bobblehead style going on like the steve madden ads? they aren't getting it, they'r ein the uncanny valley and it's freaking.grossing me out. maybe they did it to make the models look slimmer? they look like human impostors. i can't even pay attention to the clothes.

Kerissa said...

I've probably shopped in Kohl's less than 6 times and although a fan of Jenny from the block; I won't be running out to snatch up anything from this line.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5'5" and I weigh 148. I wear a size 8 usually, but when I tried on JLo's wide leg, cuffed trousers in that size, they looked like clown pants and seemed to be made for someone at least 5'10". I figured, OK, I'll go w/a size 6, good for me. Still too big, and just as long. I tried on a size 4. They fit (which is totally off for my height and weight), but they were the exact length as the size 8 (I measured). WTF? I really, really liked the style, and I wanted to buy them, but I would have had to get a size 4 short (which I'm not), and of course, they're not made in that size. After reading all the positive reviews about her clothing line, am I too assume that this particular item's mis-sizing is a fluke?


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