Friday, August 19, 2011



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
This week while cruising the net, I clicked on Jessica London's website to see their new fall catalog. While checking out the site, I came across some pretty chic pieces from their Fall collection. To tell the truth, I was quite surprised at the variety of modern and chic pieces they had to offer. As you all know, I am no stranger to Jessica London. One of my favorite pieces from them is a striped blazer that I always get tons of compliments on.

Right now, I am honestly lusting  after a pair of their leather jeggings. When I saw it, I had to tweet them about it. I am on a shopping freeze until September because I will need some pieces to get me ready for fashion week. These are at the top of my list and I am hoping my size will not be sold out.

As for the other pieces, the leather dress, short knit dress, and printed sarong style dress would be great for work and after work events.

On casual days or for trendy looks, these utility jeggings and denim shirt will be a great addition to mix and match with other pieces in my closet.

Which pieces do you like?


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Have you had good customer service experiences with Jessica London? The one time I tried to buy from them, they totally screwed me, & I'd vowed never to buy from them again!

Tima said...

Those utility jeggings are HOTT. I love mine to death, one of the best purchases Ive ever made!!

Editor & Chic

Savonne said...

@surburban sweetheart-I've never had a problem with ordering from them. If you post on their facebook page that you had a problem they will respond immediately.

@Tima-I thought those leggings were cute too. I've never tried the utility style in pants before. Looking forward to getting a pair.

juliette said...

I have that leather dress on my list too! I just ordered a white maxi from them, never ordered from this before, thanks for the tip in case i have any issues.

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