Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
We all know how scary it can be to go on a date with someone you've never met or someone you want to get to know a little more. Twitter follower Shanae tweeted SC and said "I am getting back on the dating scene, and looking for cute outfit ideas. Have any?" Yes Shanae, we do have a few in mind.

When it comes to finding that right outfit it's all about how you want to feel on that date. There is no rule book on what to wear on a date. However you want to make sure that you're leaving things to the imagination while showing what a knockout you are.

Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to going on dates. Since you're getting back on the dating scene we say stick to what you know when it comes to choosing the right outfit. For weekend dates you can play around and go for an understated sexy look. Sometimes dates happen during the week and you may just want to play it cool. That's when you reach for your trusty blazer and jeans that will make all the boys want to come to your yard, a la Kelis.

Whatever look you go for just make sure you wear pieces that add interest and make you look pulled together.

 Here are a few ideas on what to wear on a date whether it's with a new man, a current man, or someone who you've taken an interest in:
Look 1
We like to call this look show him what you're working with. The animal print skirt is the standout piece because of the bold print and because it shows off your curves. We think by adding a cropped blazer with a v-neck tee pulls the look together and makes it polished. For a little attitude push the sleeves up on your jackets.

Look 2

This look to us screams girlie with a little edge. A leather jacket can instantly toughen up your feminine dresses. It will make him think, hey, she seems cool and sweet but she does have a little edge to her.

Look 3 

Dorothy Perkins Blazer, Marc Jacobs bag, Levis curve jeans, Juicy Couture watch,  ASOS pussy bow blouse, lancome eyeshadow, Vince Camuto sandals, swarovski bamboo earrings
Our final look is for the casual date where the two of you catch a movie or the kind of date that leaves you talking for hours while drinking a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. It shows that you have a sophistication about you but the pops of color in the shoes and accessories lets him know you do like to have fun.

Well, thanks for reaching out Shanae and we hope these looks help you draw inspiration and create a winning date look for you.



my fav... is the jeans with the pussybow blouse

5th Avenue Stranger said...

i really like all the choices they all say something different, good different but my fav is the first u can never go wrong with animal print..

I wanna be fierce said...

I adore look number three. Love how you pair the rusty colored shirt with the colored heels.


Loveynae said...

I went in the direction of look 3, the date turned out great. I thank you for the post.


Tera Gold said...

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Meg Maran said...

May I offer my post on what to wear on a date? Based off of article "10 Outfits Men Love Women to Wear"...

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