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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It's Friday and I can't wait to get my weekend started. Throughout the week I have been receiving emails and facebook questions about your fashion conundrums and dilemma's. One of the first emails I received was from Marion.

Marion asked,  "As you can probably imagine I am very excited to [finally] be graduating; so excited, that when my advisor said I could participate in the fall semester ceremony I jumped at the chance! But now I am facing a fashion dilemma, what should I wear? I always find tips on dressing for a spring graduation, but never anything about what to do for winter. My commencement ceremony will take place in mid-December; and even though chances are good that it will be pretty cold, windy and possibly a little snowy, the ceremony is indoors. Are there any tips you can give me on looking my best for the ceremony, pictures and dinner afterwards?"

A VERY excited Winter Graduate

Thanks Marion for your question and congratulations on your achievement. I remember those December grads back when I graduated from college. With December you never know how the weather is going to be. It could be freezing with 2 feet of snow or it could feel like the beginning days of fall. I've come up with 3 looks that I think would work for you. You made a point to mention that you wanted looks that can carry you through the ceremony as well as take you to dinner afterwards.

I learned a long time ago to never allow the weather to mess up your plans. Basically you can wear anything you want. Since the graduation is going to be inside I would think that there will be heating so there's no need to worry about being too cold. I think the key things to think about are fabrics. For a winter graduation, I suggest knit ponte fabrics or a high quality of jersey. This way you can stay warm and not sweat under your cap and gown, because it does get warm under there.

To look your best I added in luxury looking pieces like faux fur elbow length leather gloves.

For a standout look, Monif C. has great dresses that work for a variety of occasions. The leopard print swoop dress is a great option because it has flattering ruching, it hits right at the knee and it also serves as a cocktail dress which would make it appropriate for dinner after the graduation. IF it's not snowing you can throw on a pair of dark tights topped with a knee length faux fur and you are graduation ready.

If your style is more on the classic side try a long sleeve pleated dress like this one from Donna Morgan faux wrap jersey dress in a bold color paired with elbow length leather gloves and a cropped belted faux fur jacket. Also for that cold December weather, a pair of over the knee boots will definitely keep those legs warm. If it's snowing you can also try a pair of leather wedged tall boots for functionality in the snow. Pour La Victoire has a pretty chic pair of wedged booties.

 Other options to think about are a jumpsuit. This fall season we are seeing dressy jumpsuits. I personally love this one from Dorothy Perkins.  You can use the same pieces in Look 2 for the jumpsuit.

Hope this helps give you some ideas on what to wear.

Checkout more options below

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Ticka said...

Both of those pump styles are the bizness!! Great advice!

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